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**Shocking Neglect of Foster Children in California: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against San Bernardino County**

San Bernardino County faces a class action lawsuit due to gross mistreatment of children in their foster care system. This comes after a recent $7.8 million settlement for a foster child sexual abuse case. Allegations include insufficient screening of foster parents and lack of proper monitoring, overworked caseworkers, inadequate planning, and a failure to protect the children from harm.

Within the 68-page lawsuit, the California Department of Social Services and its Director Kim Johnson, Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Bernardino County, the county Board of Supervisors, Department of Children and Family Services (CFS), and CFS Director Jeany Zepeda stand accused of neglecting the needs of vulnerable foster children. Children and Family Services is accused of not screening potential foster parents thoroughly, nor monitoring the children sufficiently once placed in their care.


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