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  • Well, what is left for us to talk about? All the action at the Homestead Valley Community Council meeting last Monday has been all over the paper, and on the radio, and JV is settling down for a long winter’s nap.Lots of good redistricting news for our rural unincorporated communities and the rest of the County, State, and Federal districts we reside in. County Supervisor Dawn Rowe was joined by Thurston “Smitty’ Smith, who will now be representing all the Homestead Valley communities in the State legislature. We’ll be adding more new faces to the regular roll call of reps who come to speak to their districts’ constituents at HVCC.

    The Council voted to send in the Stagecoach Solar comments from both the HVCC and the Scenic 247 Committee.

    We celebrated the enthusiastic endorsement last week of the HVCC Scenic Highway 247 campaign by the County Planning Commission.👏

    Then surprise! Capt. Luke Niles and Lt. Michael Walker presented HVCC president Jim Harvey with the Sheriff’s Citizen of the Year Award. Gotta say, he has earned it.

    Here’s how Z107.7FM reported this event:

“At this week’s meeting of the Homestead Valley Community Council (HVCC), Morongo Basin Sheriff Captain Luke Niles and Lieutenant Michael Walker recognized Jim Harvey as the Sheriff’s Citizen of the Year. Hilary Sloane joins us now with the story…

“There were several reasons for selecting Jim Harvey as the Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Citizen of the Year. Sheriff’s Captain Luke Niles said that Harvey has been an extraordinary leader while serving on the HVCC Board. Harvey is actively engaged in all the important issues in our communities and works diligently to educate himself and fellow residents regarding problems and takes a logical approach to finding solutions. He is a wonderful partner of the Sheriff’s Department, sincerely committed to public safety. Harvey communicates with Lieutenant Walker and Captain Niles regularly to make them aware of budding problems and works just as hard as they do to address and handle those issues.

“Both Captain Niles and Lieutenant Walker wanted to show their appreciation for all the thanks-less hours they know Jim Harvey puts in, often behind the scenes, to help the Sheriff’s Department with public safety goals.”

• Johnson Valley Saturday Breakfast will be closed for cook’s holidays both tomorrow, Christmas, and next Saturday, New Year’s Day.

We re-open on Saturday, January 8th, 2022, for Saturday Breakfast at 7:00-10:00 a.m.

The First Saturday Dinner also is postponed until January 8th, but it will be worth the wait! It’s the perennial favorite to start the New Year, the Johnson Valley Souper Supper!

Usually you have seven or eight homemade soups to choose from – bring your bowl, bring your spoon as they did in the homesteading days!
It’s FREE if you bring a soup; 5.00 per person if you don’t, kids age 12 and under, 2.00.

We know one favorite will be back, the tortilla soup, yum. If you would like to contribute a favorite soup, please call Kim at 760-792-4555, to make sure it’s not a duplicate.

Soup’s on at 5:00 p.m. Stay for the General Meeting afterward and find out what’s going on!

• The Johnson Valley Improvement Association is still encouraging new members and renewals for 2022! You can still sign up online at www.johnsonvalley.com by secure credit card. (Please download and print the application form to mail to JVIA.)

Annual dues, still only 15.00 per person, check, or credit card accepted. Any extra donation is always very welcome!

Remember, new JVIA members get a New Member Free Breakfast card, sent when the application has been processed.

• Looking forward to snuggling up as the winter cold continues, but hey! We’ve passed the Winter Solstice and every day gives us more daylight now, a few seconds at a time. We’re welcoming some Christmas rainfall, too, to encourage springtime flowering plants. Millions of seeds are out there just waiting their time to dazzle.

And to all our widely-scattered friends and neighbors, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!




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This site has continually been active in one form or the other for 25+ years.

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Dan OBrien This site has continually been active in one form or the other for 25+ years.

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