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San Bernardino County DA Jason Anderson and Linda Thompson, sister of Sacramento
murder victim, will testify at the Senate Public Safety Committee hearing in opposition to
SB 94. This bill proposes the recall, resentencing and possible parole of defendants
sentenced to life without parole and death.

Tuesday April 11, 2023 at 9:00am
Senate Public Safety Committee Hearing
Capitol Annex
1021 O Street, Room 2200
Sacramento, CA 95814

San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson – Testifying
Linda Thompson, sister of Sacramento murder victim – Testifying
Joining in opposition:
Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho
Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire
San Diego County District Attorney’s Office
Riverside County District Attorney’s Office
California District Attorneys Association

District Attorney Offices and crime victim organizations strongly oppose SB 94. The Senate Public Safety
Committee will vote on passing SB 94, authored by Senators Cortese, Becker, Weiner and Skinner. This
bill will outrageously allow convicted inmates like mass murderer Kevin Cooper, serial killer Charles Ng,
and the Golden State Killer the ability to petition the court to recall the sentence, disregarding decades of
juris prudence affirming their guilt and sentence.

All media please email Jacquelyn Rodriguez, Public Affairs Officer at publicaffairs@sbcda.org


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