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Unless you are willing to spend the blood of your children or your children’s children, to go to war to fend off the inevitable reunification of Ukraine to Greater Russia stop now.

While we all love the thought of the underdog winning over the bully, in reality the bully most times wins. Unless we are willing to jump in with both feet all we are playing is Global Bad Mitten.

I for one will not fall into the war drum beating scheme. Our family has had a dog in the hunt, since 1776. We have had our men folks serve in every war this nation has ever conducted. Every generation has shed blood for the American Experience. Enough is enough. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not our business or is it reason to pitch our tent in either nation. Unless we can solve our own boarder conflicts, we have no reason to worry or get involved in a conflict 10,000 miles away.

I have no problem supporting and defending this Constitution. I have no problem defending our Constitutional Republic. But I will not support or defend mob rule. Nor do I believe in supporting interventionism in the name of “saving Democracy.” Neither Russia nor Ukraine are Democracies in the true form.

I tire of Political Jingoism. I tire of the constant Political Kabuki Theater. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Serbia, Kosovo, Vietnam, Korea, Somalia,  and Libya the list goes on and on…. Pins on a world map that we pour young American Blood onto. We are not the worlds policeman. It is “America First.”

Lets get something straight our present government is hell bent on keeping us all diverted from the slow progression to totalitarianism.

All in all I am done with war. Unless we are invaded by some superpower, we need to keep our nose out of other countries businesses. Let’s keep with the original intent of our founding fathers. Let’s speak softly and carry a big stick. Let’s put America First.

Dan OBrien
This site has continually been active in one form or the other for 25+ years.

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Dan OBrien This site has continually been active in one form or the other for 25+ years.

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