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Yucca Valley, CA – On November 8th, Yucca Valley voters adopted Measure K, the Hotel/ Vacation Rental tax measure, enacting locally controlled funding to maintain town services the community has identified as important including police patrols, 9-1-1 emergency response times, crime prevention, maintaining local streets and fixing potholes, managing traffic, and cleaning up trash and litter dumped in public areas, among other town services.


“We are grateful to the residents who participated in this election. It was an important decision for the community to make, and we look forward to continuing to work with the community to maintain services that residents clearly value,” said Town Manager Curtis Yakimow.


Measure K adjusts the existing Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 7% to 12%, paid for by individuals staying at short-term vacation rentals and hotels. Funds generated by Measure K stay local in Yucca Valley and cannot be taken by the County, State or Federal governments. Measure K requires independent citizen oversight and financial audits.


Municipal district elections were also conducted in three of the Town’s voting districts. Councilmember Jim Schooler was re-elected to District 1, Councilmember Merl Abel was re-elected to District 3, and Councilmember Rick Denison was re-elected to District 5.


For more information about the Town’s Municipal Election, visit www.yucca-valley.org/elections.

Lesley Copeland
Town Clerk at Town of Yucca Valley | Website | + posts

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