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DATE/TIME: Saturday, December 17, 2022, 1:20 p.m.

INCIDENT: Hoist Rescue

LOCATION: Mt. Baldy Ridge, Mt. Baldy

VICTIM(S): David Chen, 59-years-old, Fullerton
Luming Wang, 59-years-old, Fullerton

SUMMARY: On Saturday, December 17, 2022, David Chen and Luming Wang, went on a hike in the Mt. Baldy area. During their hike, they came upon a very icy patch and when they stepped on it, they felt like they were going to slide down the mountain. Chen and Wang decided to turn around and attempt to go back the way they came up the trail. During their hike back, they came upon another couple who were being rescued by Sheriff’s Helicopter Air Rescue 306, reference case number 032203475.

Chen and Wang approached the rescuers who were performing a hoist rescue of the other couple. They told the rescuers they were afraid of the icy terrain and did not feel comfortable hiking out on their own. They both requested to be rescued by Air Rescue 306. The rescuers told Chen and Wang they would be rescued as soon as they were finished with the first couple. Chen and Wang waited with the rescuers until they were finished with their original hoist rescue.

Chen and Wang were placed into rescue harnesses and hoisted up to the helicopter one at a time. Both were transported to Cow Canyon Saddle to a Fontana Deputy. Neither Chen or Wang reported any injuries and were safely rescued from the mountain.

Air Rescue 306 Crew:
Pilot Corporal Ryan Peppler
Crew Chief Deputy Greg Hanrahan
Technical Rescuer Corporal Eric Rose
Technical Rescuer Ean Sanchez

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