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DATE/TIME: October 1, 2022 / 4:36 p.m.

INCIDENT: Hoist Rescue

LOCATION: Marshall Peak, San Bernardino, CA

VICTIM(S): Susumu Sagara, 89-years-old, Resident of Gardena

SUMMARY: On Saturday, October 1, 2022,  89-year-old Susumu Sagara arrived at Marshall Peak, in the San Bernardino mountains, to launch his hang glider. Shortly after take-off, he experienced difficulties and crashed his hang glider into the side of the mountain.

Witnesses called 911 and reported the incident to authorities. At 4:36 p.m., deputies from Central Station received the reports, however, because of the remote location of the crash site, and the amount of time it would take to reach it, assistance from Sheriff’s Aviation was requested.

The crew of Air Rescue 306 responded to Marshall Peak and began searching the hillside. The crew located Susumu on the west side of the mountain and set up to complete a rescue. The crew hoisted an air medic down to Susumu. The medic assessed him and after speaking with him for several minutes, advised the crew that Susumu did not sustain any injuries. The crew returned to the site and hoisted Susumu in a rescue harness up to the helicopter, followed by the medic.

Susumu requested to be dropped off at the hang glider landing area, where the rest of his group was waiting. Medics walked with him to join the rest of his group but as they approached the halfway mark in the field, Susumu asked to walk the rest of the way by himself. As the medics walked back to the helicopter, Susumu put his arms in the air and began celebrating.

The Crew of Air Rescue 306
Pilot – Paul Kowalski, Corporal
Crew Chief – Chris Mejia, Corporal
Air Medic – Bernard Horak, Paramedic
Air Medic – Gordon Yee, EMT

Refer: Corporal Chris Mejia

Station: Emergency Operations Division – Aviation Unit

Phone No. (909) 252-4100

Case No. DR# 012202358

Sheriff's Public Affairs

Station: Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Station

Phone No. 760-366-4175

By Sheriff's Public Affairs

Sheriff's Public Affairs Station: Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Station Phone No. 760-366-4175

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