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Yucca Valley senior center housing application process compliant with Equal Protection, the Fair Housing Act & the Americans with Disabilities Act?

From left, Yucca Valley Council Members, George Huntington, Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo. Far right is former disgraced and terminated town manager, Mark Nuaimi.

From left, Yucca Valley Council Members, George Huntington, Robert Lombardo and Merl Abel. Far Right, former disgraced and terminated town manager, Mark Nuaimi, who literally puppeteered the council members’ every move, and hijacked the town’s direction and taxpayers’ money. Lombardo, Abel and Huntington were all willing marionettes who didn’t do their job.


By Branson Hunter ♦ Yucca Valley – The low-income senior housing fiasco is much ado about Town Councilmen George Huntington, Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo, as their creating the most awkward and unsightly, dangerous-looking structure in the town known as Yucca Valley low-income Dumosa Senior Village.

Don’t be fooled by the euphemism. The original dreams of an enchanting one-story low-income senior living facility built on an open and airy lot away from busy trucking route SR 62 was shattered by Huntington, Abel and Lombardo. Those apartment modules are similar to shipping cargo containers.

They just stack them, secure them and put facades on them to make senior housing look like real buildings. It is not the “Senior Village” the public was sold or the original design the council originally envisioned or sold to the public.                                             

National C.O.R.E. pulled-off a unique circus act. They made disappear an environmentally aesthetic, widely-accepted senior village, and replaced it with a down-sized cheap replacement situated on a useless, barren tiny plot of land.      

National C.O.R.E. and the Town will soon be opening the door to low-income’ senior housing. An important question comes into play…

Is the town compliant with Equal Protection, the Fair Housing Act (FHA), the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights act (Fair Housing)?

Seniors who apply for one of those C.O.R.E. modules are living below below the poverty level. That’s why the senior facility is being put together for low-income qualifying seniors. All seniors have federal protections to not be discriminated in the application process, including Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act), as amended, prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings, and in other housing-related transaction.

The mandated $120 application fee discriminates against seniors with the greatest need for low-income housing. These include seniors who qualify for low-income senior housing. National C.O.R.E. — with the blessing of Huntington, Abel and Lombardo –– is charging those seniors living at the edge $120 to file an application with no hardship waver in terms of the $100 refundable portion of the application fees.

This fundamentally discriminates against some otherwise qualified low-income seniors. While Huntington, Abel and Lombardo will parrot National C.O.R.E. interests and tell you that $100 of the $120 is refundable — so “it’s no big deal.”

It is a big deal to shut senior out of housing entitlements and civil rights granted by law and acts of congress. What if they paid their property taxes or had critical home improvement emergencies during the time in which the application process was open? A hundred dollars of discretionary funds is tough to come up with for seniors whom meet the financial criteria and financial requirements. 

While Huntington, Abel and Lombardo sit idle, National C.O.R.E. is up to no good by filtering-out seniors. I guess many readers are wondering if its National C.O.R.E. investor-founder Jeff Burum will eventually be nailed be brought to justice for corrupting public officials. He’s been a lucky man since many of the criminal charges were tossed out because of statute of limitation issues. One crook in San Bernardino County government already has copped to accepting a trip to china, prostitutes and a Rolex watch gift — all from National C.O.R.E.’s Jeff Burum.     

Huntington, Abel and Lombardo are well-heeled and out-of-touch with the common people of Yucca Valley.  They pander, please and placate those whom have no interest in the town while shunning and humiliating the very people and small businesses they were elected to serve. 

It may take an attorney whom practices elder law,or a civil rights advocacy group like the ACLU (that opened offices in San Bernardino) to decide if the town and National C.O.R.E.’s Senior Housing Application process is compliant with Federal Law. No decent public official would allow an arrant corporation like National C.O.R.E. to exploit the most precious and helpless class of people in the Morongo Basin.

The entire National C.O.R.E. senior housing has been and continues to be a scarlet letter hung around the necks of Huntington, Abel and Lombardo. They folded like a house of cards to allow the down-sizing and cutbacks to the senior facility all for the benefit of National

While National C.O.R.E. founders benefited greatly, the community and seniors for decades to come are stuck with an inferior senior facility that is believed to be an eyesore stacked-up on the most barren postage stamp lot in town.

Will those modules withstand a sizable earthquake tonight or early tomorrow morning?

National C.O.R.E. had a horribly nasty business reputation before they were escorted into town, hidden in the carpetbag of fired town manager Mark Nuaimi. Huntington, Abel and Lombardo allowed themselves to be hornswoggled and manipulated by a disgraced newbie town manager and National C.O.R.E. sharks. 

While Nuaimi is infamous for his machinations, his loose sexual morality and his heavy-handed style of management, Huntington, Abel and Lombardo are just as infamous as milktoast council members who allowed National National C.O.R.E. to shakedown taxpayers for another $1,500,000 to complete a downgraded senior facility. 

National C.O.R.E. was exposed and humiliated in Inland Empire newspapers and county blogs for entering into under-funded contracts — like the Yucca Valley low-cost senior facility. All the while, Huntington, Abel and Lombardo allowed National C.O.R.E. to spike and doubled their profits for no good cause but for gullibility issues.

Although National C.O.R.E. had been busted for being underfunded — Huntington, Abel and Lombardo apparently don’t pay attention to the news. They gave these shysters another $1.5 million for being under-funded. Huntington, Abel and Lombardo didn’t care to look out for the taxpayers. 

Eventually, the F.B.I.and other state and federal agencies raided National C.O.R.E.’s Rancho Cucamonga corporate offices and seized their files and computers. All this was in front of the noses of Huntington, Abel and Lombardo.

National C.O.R.E.’s founder and investor, Rancho Cucamonga developer Jeff Burum, was indicted and arrested in the infamous $102 million Colonies bribery case. Thee bribery and extortion scandals continues to be daily headline news. It was headline news that National C.O.R.E. had a practice of entering into under-funded contracts with municipalities. The city council looked the other way because it was Mark Nuaimi’s meal ticket. 

Huntington, Abel and Lombardo awarded National C.O.R.E. a no-bid contract. They knew or should have known they history of National C.O.R.E. and Jeff Burum. It’s a fact that National C.O.R.E.’s founder Jeff Burum bribed public officials with trips to China, provided prostitutes and Rolex watches for public officials.

Even so, the town council was impressed with what came out of the town manager’s carpet bag. And every since they have willingly been a soft-touch for National C.O.R.E. and all other master-manipulators like Mark Nuaimi.

One promising candidate for Town Council pretty much sums it. He said, “I don’t think, other than Bob Leone, the other council members really represent the citizens.” — Ron Cohen for town council

There are lingering issues concerning George Huntington, Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo. Voters may take a hard look at their legacy as one of neglect, pandering to a disgraced town manager, wasteful spending and other debacles like Measure U, the medians fiasco in Old Town, or the golden parachute give-away of public funds and other mishaps.

Yucca Valley is stuck with this eyesore for years to come. 

National C.O.R.E should be monitored from time to time in response to allegations that C.O.R.E is not above using all those hi-Tech surveillance audio and video cameras to spy and eavesdrop on seniors. One senior resident alleges that National C.O.R.E. will spy on seniors, and evict residents who complaint about housing and living conditions.

Councilmen Huntington, Abel and Lombardo are static and passive, not the voice for seniors who are selectively eliminated from the application process. All three were also too passive to be the voice of small businesses in Old Town during the most important time of the year for these small businesses.

No support was to be found when local businesses were facing financial losses at the hands of George Huntington, Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo. They passed that task to the assistant town manager who acted like a bureaucratic bully rather that a public servant. 

Councilman Merl Abel has no business even thinking about another four years of havoc, incompetence and scorning small businesses in Old Town. 

There is a political fog if not an outright plague in Yucca Valley and 29 Palms local governments. Elected officials across-the-board have become weak and shallow sycophants who are disrespectful to the public at large and whom by design ignore taxpayers concerns.

Town Council Members George Huntington, Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo are an easy touch for unscrupulous people and avaricious corporations. They have become hubris, complaisant and disrespectful. Time for them to move on. Time for some goods minds to replace them and clean-up their mess. 


–  End  –

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  1. Margo Sturges
    Margo Sturges August 31, 2014 at 4:23 PM

    Thank you Branson for this post and all your archive work on this subject.

  2. Branson Hunter
    Branson Hunter August 31, 2014 at 6:29 PM

    You're welcome. I'm still working to populate some of the Links due to the recent crash.


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