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Sloppy Actions: Yucca Valley Planning Commission


The 29 Planning Commission slip & fall

by Margo Sturges, Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Planning Commission Chair Tim Humphreville decided not to run for office. Good thing because there are some sloppy dealings going on with the Yucca Valley Commission actions.  Let’s take a closer look…

A great concern of mine is the COO,Certificate of Occupancy issued to AM/PM Sonic Burger without completion of the COA, Conditions of Approval, installing medians on the highway to prevent vehicles traveling east west on Highway 62 from crossing the double-double yellow lines turning into the AM/PM. Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle was instrumental in waiving those safety requirements which also included improving the light signal at Balsa and Highway 62. He also waived any posting of a completion bond for that project. That dangerous intersection is a constant complaint voiced on the local radio call in show every Friday at 10am. Stueckle will probably be named as co-defendant on the lawsuit(s) filed by the accident victims at this site.

Speaking of lawsuits, an 81 page suit was filed by Mirage Properties naming Stueckle. CIVDS1400401 Compaint Mirage Front Properties, LLC v Town of Yucca Valley_OCRMBO (1)

Another lawsuit is pending regarding the impact reports that were not completed on the Highway 62 medians that Caltrans said the Town was the lead to do so.

The Senior Housing fiasco was botched by a “Deficient EIR, Environmental Impact Report” compiled by Yucca Valley Community Development and rubber stamped by the Planning Commission which did not address the sewer impacts to the water quality of our drinking water supply stored in the aquifer. Of course, the Planning Commissioners just rubber stamped that report with their approval even though the entire Town is under a septic prohibition. The engineers and scientists at the California Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a scathing report and set forth stringent guidelines with a mandatory date to install a package treat plant. Here is the CRWQCB report>LINK

In a previous meeting, four Town Council members asked Stueckle to increase the distance to 500 feet for required notification of any projects, he merely responded “the State requirement is 300 feet.” Yes, the council members know that is the minimum requirement by the State but he just ignored them. Their concerns fell on deaf ears.

The lack of notification to surrounding property owners has been an on going problem as in the attempt to build a Burrtec facility among a residential area in Rancho Mesa Estates and with the Animal Shelter being constructed in RL, Rural Living, and the neighbors were not notified about the permanent shelter being built.

The assault on the Native Plant Ordinance led by Planning Commissioners Humphreville, Jeff Drozd and Vickie Bridenstein is a reflection of their own personal agendas without regard for the concerns of the community. Drozd and Bridenstein “flip-flopped” ignoring the citizen input and workshop on the Home Occupation Permits to allow gun and ammo sales. Both Commissioners reverted back to their original stance casting their vote 4-1, Humphreville the lone vote.

Before Humphreville was appointed by Councilman Frank Luckino to the Planning Commission by default, Tim confided that builders and contractors hated…to the point of nausea, going to the Planning Department for plan approvals. This statement was made at his home. I heard the same from other builders and developers that Stueckle was not business friendly…they asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. Really…retaliation?

It only takes 3 Councilmen to remove Humphreville from the Planning Commission and undo the harm brought to the Development Code.

For the above reasons…Vote for Bob Leone, Lori Herbel and Ron Cohen to Restore Yucca Valley.


Supporting documents: (Some links may be lost due to latest website crash.  Sorry for the inconvenience)

Yucca Valley Grim Reaper
Mirage Properties Story
81 page pdf
Senior Housing story
CRWQB report


The Original Post and comments were lost during the last web crash- “Yucca Valley Planning Commission Concerns August 11, 2014”
August 12, 2014 at 10:47 pm  Comment:

Those improvements did NOT go to CalTrans because the WalMart project was delayed and AM/PM Sonic was supposed to go in with Walmart on the medians AND safety upgrade on the overhanging light signal.

AM/PM had to shut down their previous location asap with the promise never to place another gas station there due to leaking underground gas tanks and violations with the Regional Water Quality Board. That lot is a hazardous waste-site that will require a lot of money to clean it up. The concrete slabs remain and it is entirely fenced off to this day.

AM/PM should have never received their COO, Certificate of Occupation, until they completed the median improvements/upgraded light standard and post a completion bond.

These requirements were waived without involving Caltrans. A letter of credit was substituted instead of a completion bond…approved by the Planning Commission according to Shane Stueckle’s Staff recommendation.

Super Walmart brought in over $1 million dollars in off sight improvements installing 3 or 4 signals but nothing, nada, took place at the AM/PM corner at Balsa!

The unpopular fired ex-town manager Mark Nuaimi promised the $1 million to offset the increased loan he contrived for the senior housing fiasco. YV Mayor Dawn Rowe would not give me 2 extra minutes to address that bait n’ switch scenario so I stood at the lectern in silence to protest! I was the only speaker on that item and then the minutes were scrubbed to remove my comment/request.  Prior to the approval of the minutes, I protested against that scrubbing and to her credit, Rowe corrected the minutes to reflect my silence after being denied an additional 2 minutes.

Before he was fired, Nuaimi gave back $870,000 in impact fees to Walmart to offset the four signals they installed at the post office, Inca and Palomar.


Another comment that was lost was Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner Steve Whitten’s concern for the vehicles crossing over the double-double yellow lines traveling west turning into the AM/PM station off highway 62.  One day he counted 20 vehicles turning into AM/PM crossing over the double-double yellow lines.



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