Riverside County Democratic Party- Meet Your Candidates Today!!

PRESS RELEASE: Meet Your Candidates



Today, Saturday August 30, 2014, is our “Meet Your Candidates” event. 


I received great news, Mark Takano finally confirmed he will be there.  We have a full slate of candidates and incumbents for you.  All you need to do is show up, listen, and then you’ll have a chance to meet them all.


Please tell and bring all your Democratic friends and relatives and their friends and relatives.


Please pass this attachment on to every Democrat you know. >RCDPEvent-MeetYourCandidates


Date: August 30, 2014

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: IBEW Union Hall, 1405 Spruce Street, Suite G, Riverside CA 92507, 951-369-9032

Event Name: Meet Your Candidates

Event Type: Fundraiser for the RCDP and participating incumbent and challenging candidates

Sponsor: Riverside County Democratic Party

Co-Chairmen: Dr Imran Angelov Farooq and Howard Katz

Refreshments: Light refreshments will be provided by IBEW

Agenda: 2:00pm – Kickoff by Howard Katz and Dr Imran Farooq

2:05pm – Introduction of Local Congressional and Assembly Candidates
2:10pm – Short speeches by Local Congressional and Assembly Candidates
2:30pm – Introduction of Incumbent Candidates
2:35pm – Speeches by Incumbent Candidates
3:05pm – Candidates mingle with guests
4:00pm – End of Event (may continue until 4:30pm, if necessary)

Donations: Requested Minimum Donation – $25.00

Total collected will be divided between the RCDP and participating candidates

How to Donate: Riverside County Democratic Party website, www.riversidecountydemocrats.org,
or by check at the door (please no cash).

Invitees: Riverside County Democratic Central Committee (RCDCC)
RCDCC Chartered Democratic Clubs
RCDCC Chartered Organizations
General Public

Incumbent Candidates:
Mark Takano – CD 41
Alex Padilla – SD 20, Candidate for CA Secretary of State
Betty Yee – Board of Equalization First District, Candidate for CA State Controller
Jose Medina – AD 61
Dr Raul Ruiz – CD 36

Campaigning Local Congressional and Assembly Candidates:
Tim Sheridan – CD 42
James Kimber – CD 50
Karalee Hargrove – AD 42
Eduardo Garcia – AD 56
Ken Park – AD 60
Conrad Melton – AD 67
Nick Shestople – AD 75



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