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Measure K Tax Passes in Wonder Valley


The Tax Man Cometh to Wonder Valley
Wonder Valley, Ca.,- Parcel owners will have a special trick-or-treat surprise on their 2014 tax. Their tax bills, which will be mailed out this October, will reflect an increase of $55.00 assessment for fiscal 2014/15 which will drop down to $30 for fiscal 2015/16. A 2.5% cost of living increase will be applied the following years with no sunset date.
According to Rebecca Unger’s interview with Starlene Javier, Wonder Valley’s representative to the San Bernardino County for road services, 345 ballots were mailed out to the voters and 139 were mailed back. The vote tally was 96-43 for passing Measure K with a 70% approval rate surpassing the required two-thirds required.
For more details on Unger’s story in the Desert Trail you will have to locate the hard copy. There is no link to this story on their website as of this post.
An overview of this Special District election see this>LINK


5 Responses to Measure K Tax Passes in Wonder Valley

  1. Robert Nelson
    Robert Nelson July 25, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    That's good news. It's a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing an ambulance or fire truck can reach you if needed.

    • Dan OBrien, KB6DAN
      Dan OBrien July 25, 2014 at 3:44 PM

      Well sir, Since my land is situated on the State Hwy, that tax is a total rip off for me and the hundreds of property owners that must now subsidize others....

      One might think of where and how one wants to live before they buy a piece of ground. I for one think and have said many times those are private roads and should be graded by private parties.

      I want you to take particular notice that these roads are to be inspected at $5000 per year...... Inspected to what standard? This is and has always been a bull shit rip off. I plan with others to file for exemption as to be excluded from the tax as I have no reason to pay or use the services.

      Less than 100 souls rat f***ed a thousand property owners. This is why Democracy sucks....

  2. Robert Nelson
    Robert Nelson July 25, 2014 at 5:44 PM

    “I’ll bet you a nickel it they left my road alone for a year I’d be happier than a pig in poop!” -- said somebody at one of the road meetings.

    Hmmm ... I was told the road inspection salary was $10,000 but that may be wrong. Something about keeping it at that amount so the other county benefits still kicked in. (So much information that just isn't verified because those in charge like it that way.)

    I have not and still do not trust the word of any of the officials involved in Wonder Valley financial dealings or the management of Wonder Valley's road maintenance. They've proven themselves to be unworthy of that trust. But, they've got the upper hand and there's nothing anybody can do about it if they want half-decent roads in Wonder Valley. The roads have to be good enough to emergency vehicles to reach residents. That's all there is to it.

    That doesn't mean I'm happy about the situation.

    I got the short distance from one of the main roads to my property plowed once by accident when a new driver was working. I ran out to thank him and he seemed amazed and perplexed when I told them I had begged to have it done just once or twice a year and it couldn't be done according to those who made decisions about what would and could be graded. He asked if I wanted it done now and then and I told him that would be great. And then he never showed up again. Somebody put a stop to his wanting to be helpful.

    When I first got out to WV the people were mad as hell about not getting their roads graded. One resident told me he found the driver sleeping. Another said he had had it with waiting for his area to be graded and called to ask where the driver was at that day and why he couldn't get to his neighborhood. He was told the driver was on a certain road and wouldn't - again - be in his area. So that guy went to the road he was told the driver was working on. No driver. He went to the Community building and there was the grader and the driver hanging out with those others who hung out there ... including the person who took his call earlier and told him the driver was out on a certain road working.

    I asked Star why she didn't just put an end to all the people wondering where the road grader is all the time and why their road wasn't getting done ... I suggested that she post a simple piece of paper in the window (facing out) each day the grader worked. The grader could list what roads he worked on that day and people would no longer have to get ticked off about not knowing who was getting their roads done. All the bitching about this area or that area always getting done but this and another area never being done ... all that would stop if the roads that were worked on were listed as they were worked on. Star didn't go for that.

    And then people were talking about the driver being paid by the hour ... $90 and hour at that time because the regular driver was out. And then there were the times our grader was borrowed out to the county.

    I remember, too ... people asking where the hell all the TV and Park tax funds were being spent and some were apparently told that some of the park funds were being used to hire part-timers to help with things like putting the blade on the grader and such. How much goes into the fund for the TV and Park? Is it about $25,000 from WV residents for the TV and close to $48,000 for the park?


    There's no reason for Wonder Valley to be paying such a huge amount of money for a driver but the county has control over that and now it looks like the $70,000 collected for the roads will go up to $311,000 next year and then go down and remain at $217,000 after that but with a 2.5% increase each year after that.

    That's a lot of money that the people of Wonder Valley will be paying out but will have no control over. And if you dare to ask about how the money is being spent, Ms. P. Vandervoort either threatens to walk out or she breaks down crying and runs out in tears.

    I voted YES on the deal when I was given a vote the last time. I don't live out there now so I didn't get to vote this time. And, no, I'm not happy about that. I would have voted YES but I do believe all property owners should have a say in how they are taxed and how that tax is spent.

    People still have a voice in the matter ... in how the money collected for the roads, TV and park is spent. We just haven't gotten loud enough yet, I guess.

    Oh ... and it's despicable how Ms. P. Vandervoort and her buddies have always used threats and fear instead of showing genuine concern for the people of Wonder Valley. I was told, the first week I lived out there, that those in charge of the roads and the money believed everybody else out there were nothing more than stupid desert rats. And from the report of the last meeting I can see Ms. P. Vandervoort has not changed her ugly attitude.

  3. cleghorn12 July 25, 2014 at 11:07 PM

    A lot of you are upset about Measure K. The very few numbers of property owner/voters it took to pass the matter is problematical. How about this. There is a taxing mechanism for fire protection within the county that is currently charging all property owners within the district $150. per year. The district is 180 square miles. Only a three square mile area benefits from the proceeds of the tax. Approximately 90+ per cent of the property owners live outside of the district and therefore did not get to vote. Less than 10% were eligible to vote, if registered, and it is those people who benefit. The 90+ per cent receive no services but they are required to pay or lose their property. 177 square miles are TAXED but receive no services. No taxation without representation. I know this example will not help Measure K opponents feel any better but it does demonstrate the wide-spread nature of these taxes. In this case, the tax was passed in 2006 and each year the district is eligible for a 3% cost of living increase!

  4. Dan OBrien, KB6DAN
    Dan OBrien July 26, 2014 at 7:29 AM

    Well written and I am in total agreement.

    We live in a republic in name only. The property owner was not represented in this debate nor the vote.

    I believe we have recourse with the "inspection" part of the program. I am willing to file with the State AJ for fraud as the roads will not be brought up to any recognizable standard that can be gauged. That is called fraud.

    Unless the county is prepared to bring these private roads up to State standards and then eminent domain the right of way, this is a taking without just compensation.

    Everyone forgets these are private roads, not public roads. not subject to the vehicle code. If as the language of this measure suggests that the county is taking private property, then we are due just compensation.


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