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My Dilemma: My Party is broken

brokenGOPI am if you have not realized reading my posts, a liberal conservative Tea Party Republican. I promote limited government, less regulation, balanced budgets and more personal liberty. I believe that the Constitution of the Union and that original limited document that constituted the California Constitution was divinely inspired.

I believe in the defense of private property, Personal Liberty, laissez-faire economic principles, respect for contractsfree markets and the Principles of ’98.

I am so disappointed in my Party’s local choices this year. The GOP has been totally taken over in California. It is the shill at the Democrat’s PT Barnum Sideshow we all call Sacramento.

What we have is a bunch of mealy mouthed neocons who stand for nothing, believe in nothing and are only concerned with their popularity.

In California we are regulated to an economic standstill. Our personal Rights are in constant peril of disappearing. California would love to see you loaded on pot so that they might pick your pocket while you lay wasted in front of your TV. Sacramento would like to see you unarmed and drugged while the 1% that are in this case Fascists masquerading as Democrats, try to convince us all that they know best. And as long as the California GOP is guaranteed their piece of the spoils, they do nothing.

No one wins on principle and intelligence anymore. The decider is always Money.  Republicans end up with piss poor choices financed by San Francisco liberal organizations cloaked in patriotic Neoconservative names. The GOP is bound to loose in California, the Extremist of the fascist left have a stranglehold on it.

Other than bringing down the house, I have no idea how to cure this political/social conundrum.

This year party be damned, I vote on principle. I will this year vote for the individuals I trust will do the job holding to the majority of the principles I hold dear as a liberal conservative Tea Party Republican . I will not vote for those who expect its a personality contest and stand in the wings wanking, as my State and Union disintegrate before my eyes..

I continue to register as a member of the Republican Party as has been our family’s tradition since the Civil War. This year, I will not vote for a person just because he or she is a member of the GOP, just because its the GOP thing to do. I will no longer vote with my heart but more with my brain.

You can take from this, whatever you think I am trying to convey. You are probably wrong.


11 Responses to My Dilemma: My Party is broken

  1. Steve Spear
    Steve Spear September 1, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    Well Dan a couple of things.

    I am glad to see that you came out of the trance of the "party" good or bad simply for the "party".

    You may miss the point that during the Civil War it was the Republican party that was against slavery and social inequities and the Democrats who were at that time what modern day Republicans are.

    With that said I agree with you that left and right have become a roadblock to attaining what most people want to see happen.

    The far to medium far left Democrats want to open up our borders for anyone and anybody regardless of how they got here.

    The majority of Americans want that stopped however Supreme Court decisions of the past prevent treating illegals as illegals. Somehow if you get over the border all sorts of "rights" are afforded to you when you should have no rights whatsoever.

    The far right to medium far right Republicans want to stop any increase in minimum wage and will vote against their own ideas such as infrastructure improvement because if successful might make a Democrat appear as being successful.

    The system is broken and broken badly as evidenced in our own small city.

    I would venture to say that currently all five of the council are registered Republicans. If that is not the case then I would hope that I get corrected.

    Be that as it may a majority are Republicans and what have we seen them do?

    They have pandered to the few that are considered the elite with Project Phoenix and have ignored the infrastructure of the city which serves the people.

    They have ignored public safety by not addressing the very real problem of a Fire Department that will go insolvent in two years. They somehow tell the people it is not a council problem, knowing all the time, that the dissolution of the Fire Department shall cause the city to contract out fire protection to the county.

    That contract will exceed the current parcel assessment fee dollars and within years the city will go bankrupt. Why?

    Because county fire costs twice, get it right, twice as much as our own homegrown fire department.

    But this council will not do a darn thing for the good of the majority of the people. Instead they do nothing. Which brings me back to your point.

    The Democrats want to do too much for those that do not deserve it and the Republicans want to do nothing for those that do deserve it.

    At this point the only person that I see making any sense on the National level is Rand Paul.

    Knowing me you know that is a far stretch for me but it is what it is until someone comes out of the woods and convinces me otherwise.

    As for our own city. The choices are clear. No incumbents and no former incumbents.

    That means no HARRIS, no MINTZ, and no COLE. NO! NO! NO!

    That leaves three new faces. LUNN, EASTER, and WRIGHT.

    Thanks for the original post which got me thinking.

    • desertrider
      desertrider September 2, 2014 at 7:17 PM

      I am sorry see to that Steve is still in his party line trance.
      Is he seriously trying to say that Republicans are for slavery?
      What party was it that was against the civil rights act? Which if I recall correctly was quite a few years after the Civil War.
      Maybe he could look up al gore's daddy's voting record on that issue. I could go on an on about how great the democrat party has been for the African-American community.
      Maybe Steve should take a look to see who marched with MLK Jr.

      Really Steve raise minimum wage, to what, so high school kids can raise their families, but then won't be able to because the cost of living will increase so businesses can afford to pay non-skilled workers $15.00 an hour. Whats too much why stop at $15.00 why not $25.00, $30.00?
      Sure am glad to see that your not in that trance anymore.
      As I used to ask Branson the free thinker he claims to be (now he'll come on and threaten me because I brought his fictitious name up) when was the last time you voted outside your party?

      • Steve Spear
        Steve Spear September 2, 2014 at 7:31 PM

        What I am saying is that the Republican and the Democratic party system are broke.

        And that is what Dan was saying.

        If either party and their respective zealots can not compromise then the system is broke.

      • Branson Hunter
        Branson Hunter September 3, 2014 at 6:31 AM

        desertriderr, I don't recall posting anything about being a "free thinker". I think your memory is quite faulty. I did however warned you to be careful about false flags you label me with, to which I felt were damaging.

        Carry on. Welcome back.

  2. Dan OBrien, KB6DAN
    Dan OBrien September 1, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Ditto my friend, thanks for your equally thought provoking comments.

  3. Larry Briggs
    Larry Briggs September 1, 2014 at 4:00 PM

    A liberal conservative reads like an oxymoron.

    • Dan OBrien, KB6DAN
      Dan OBrien September 1, 2014 at 6:51 PM

      Seriously Larry? I thought you Attended University? What you never took Political Science?

      Historically, in the 18th and 19th centuries, conservatism comprised a set of principles based on concern for established tradition, respect for authority, and religious values. This form of classical conservatism is often considered to be exemplified by the writings of Joseph de Maistre and the post-Enlightenment Popes. Contemporaneous liberalism – now called classical liberalism – advocated both political freedom for individuals and a free market in the economic sphere. Ideas of this sort were promulgated by John Locke, Montesquieu, Adam Smith, and John Stuart Mill.

      Now I know these are words and names of folks you might not ever heard of. Big words, mighty big people. These are the People that our own Founding Fathers found a kindred belief with.

      So my friend maybe in your limited world "liberal conservatism" might confuse you, but that is because your lack of either education or understanding of political science.

      • Larry Briggs
        Larry Briggs September 2, 2014 at 8:54 AM

        Let's talk about politics today, not back in the 17/1800's where you seem to be mired.

        • Dan OBrien, KB6DAN
          Dan OBrien September 2, 2014 at 2:05 PM

          Wait for it...... Wait for it.....

          What you don't want to reminisce the days of your youth?

          • Larry Briggs
            Larry Briggs September 2, 2014 at 4:46 PM

            "Tea Party Republican" Even Rand Paul is starting to edge over to being just a conservative. Have you thought about Northern Nevada or Montana?

  4. Steve Spear
    Steve Spear September 1, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Some phone calls have come in about what I have said in regards to our local city council elections.

    Evidently there are individuals out there that are part of Park and Recreation and or associated or related to the Park and Recreation employees who are spreading the following about any challengers to the incumbents or the retread incumbent those being HARRIS, MINTZ and COLE.

    If a candidate is for saving our Fire Department then that candidate is for "draining the General Fund".

    It is exactly the opposite. If you are against saving our fire department you are then a General Fund drainer.

    Why? As I have said many time before and said it in the above post. County fire cost twice as much as our own fire department.

    I did not make that up Chief Hartwig even said so during his presentation without saying so. All one has to do is look at the numbers.

    Again it is HARRIS, MINTZ and COLE that will put this city into bankruptcy because they have not offered a solution to the fiscal issues of our fire department other than giving up and paying twice as much for a service that as a city we must have or face DISINCORPORATION.

    I just hope that LUNN, EASTER, and WRIGHT have their campaign "A" games in place and have the courage to face these peddlers of disinformation.


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