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Gregg Imus vs. Paul Cook: Signs of the time

By   /  November 5, 2012  /  Candidates, News, Opinion, San Bernardino Co  /  25 Comments

Maybe, just maybe, if there would have been a little more Capitalism and a little less Socialism these signs and this business would have been able to stand against the recession of the last 4 years. So much hate. Instead of a fair and clean election for Congress this “open primary” stuff have brought out […]

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Gregg Imus vs Paul Cook: Its all about protecting our Families and their future

By   /  November 2, 2012  /  Candidates, Opinion, San Bernardino Co  /  2 Comments


Its rare that we get so close and personal with our candidates, but being around Gregg Imus and his wonderful family, you quickly fall in love and feel that you are part of something much bigger than yourself. We have become a cog in the gears of a huge movement by average citizens looking for […]

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