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Local Lincoln Club Jeopardizes Mayes Campaign

By   /  May 12, 2013  /  Yucca Valley  /  6 Comments


Yucca Valley, Ca.,- The Morongo Basin Lincoln Club has taken steps to question the reasons supporting the Yucca Valley Recall movement without learning the facts, which are a matter of public record. In a recent comment posted on a Facebook page, Joseph Sullivan, current President of the MB Lincoln club writes, “Great idea for an […]

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Is the Fraud Expert a Fraud?

By   /  January 24, 2013  /  Candidates, Yucca Valley  /  5 Comments


Yucca Valley, Ca.,- I am grateful to DanO for having this Forum to discuss and debate the issues.  Earlier, someone tried to persuade the readers by attacking another’s character stating the word “FACT,” it is hardly that. This is the new low of what Yucca Valley politics has sunken to which started in 2010. What […]

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