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Puffed up like pigeons

By   /  September 16, 2013  /  29 Feature, 29 Palms, Opinion  /  9 Comments


The desert city of Twentynine Palms is not providing for the public’s safety? City council members have their own narrow agenda which is to spend as much money as fast as they can before the next city election. The city is diverting public funds intended for public’s safety to nonpriority projects. The City’s short list on […]

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Palmdale Violates Voting Rights-Judge Rules

By   /  July 31, 2013  /  Barstow, San Bernardino Co  /  1 Comment


Shall cities and towns elect their City Council members “at large” or establish “voting districts?” A judge has ruled that Palmdale has violated the Voting Rights Act: “Palmdale’s method of electing City Council members by a citywide vote rather than through individual districts is keeping black and Hispanic candidates out of office, a judge has […]

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U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Prayers at Lancaster Council Meetings

By   /  March 28, 2013  /  News, Yucca Valley  /  Comments Off

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Lancaster, California.,-If you plan to attend a Lancaster City Council meeting, be prepared to have the government meeting begin with invocations from different religious beliefs. Three years ago, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, was quoted he was “growing a Christian community,” and later explained he only meant a loving community. According to the Los Angeles […]

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Putting out fires with garden hoses

By   /  January 16, 2013  /  29 Palms, Opinion  /  1 Comment

Where is the “can do” attitude? It has been sacked with a “can’t do” mentality. Interestingly, the only two remaining members on the city council who brought the city over the financial cliff by voting for and securing a good-for-nothing $31 million bond debt — with nothing to show for it but for another debt […]

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