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Yucca Valley, Ca.,-In tracking the recent caustic comments made by the Chair of the Political Committee to support Councilmen Huntington and Lombardo, it was easy to note the similar writing style to that of the unpopular Town Manager/Politician, Mark Nuaimi. That writing modus operandi includes personal attacks on the person who made the comments and […]

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Another Reason to Vote for Bob Leone….Diversity

By   /  January 29, 2013  /  Yucca Valley  /  9 Comments


  Yucca Valley, Ca.-The issue of  “Voting-at-Large vs. Voting Districts” will be examined in this post especially with the Town Council election around the corner. One commenter to this blog wrote….”Experience, knowledge and education is not enough. If this is his campaign platform, it’s not enough….”   The other two candidates live on the same […]

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Is the Fraud Expert a Fraud?

By   /  January 24, 2013  /  Candidates, Yucca Valley  /  5 Comments


Yucca Valley, Ca.,- I am grateful to DanO for having this Forum to discuss and debate the issues.  Earlier, someone tried to persuade the readers by attacking another’s character stating the word “FACT,” it is hardly that. This is the new low of what Yucca Valley politics has sunken to which started in 2010. What […]

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Robert (Bob) Leone Draws Top Ballot Slot for Town Council Election

By   /  January 17, 2013  /  News, Yucca Valley  /  Comments Off


Yucca Valley, Ca.-In accordance with Elections Code section 13112(b)(1)(D), the Secretary of State’s office conducted a drawing  of the letters of the alphabet to decide the placement of candidate’s names on the ballot for the Special Election to take place on March 5, 2013. This random alphabet is to be applied through the candidate’s entire […]

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