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29 Palms Agencies Bicker over “Joint Meeting”…

By   /  May 30, 2014  /  Feature, Opinion  /  8 Comments

Council Bickers

(OPINION)Twentynine Palms, Ca.,- I have just reviewed two DVD’s of the Twentynine Palms Council meeting and the meeting held by the 29 Palms Water Department held the following evening. Let’s just say…I was more comfortable having my wisdom tooth extracted. What started out as a very simple question, “Could the 29 Palms City Council meet […]

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Nuaimi’s Management Style-Serial Meetings Behind Closed Doors to Discuss Agendas

By   /  November 29, 2012  /  News, Yucca Valley  /  2 Comments


Yucca Valley, Ca.-Opinion-In a comment to a previous story, Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, has admitted to conducting serial meetings with the Yucca Valley Town Council to discuss agenda items which is a clear violation of the Brown Act.  He states he meets with each and every member prior to the meetings to review the agenda.  […]

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Who’s your Daddy Gary?

By   /  May 27, 2010  /  News  /  Comments Off

“Is Gary Daigneault going to diddle Twentynine Palms again?” Did everyone read the Tale of Two Cities post yesterday by Councilman Spears? The post raises a red flag for something that may be very wrong with the affaire d’amour between Gary Daigneault and the voting block on the 29 Palms City Council. While many towns […]

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