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Appointed not Anointed

By   /   December 5, 2009  /   13 Comments

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When Kevin Cole resigned a few years ago from his seat on the city council the question of how to replace him became a political football that lasted weeks.

One faction, that included most of the past council and many of those that had recently went through a continences election wanted the city to conduct a special election. Another faction believed that the choice of a replacement should be made from a field of applicants. And still another believed that to save money and time the city should go back to the last election and appoint the 4th place candidate.

We fell into the 3rd category and believed that it would be fair and equitable, and save the city 10s of thousands of dollars if the 4th place winner be appointed to fill the seat. The logic of our argument prevailed.

Jim Harris was that 4th Place finisher. He was appointed to fill Kevin Cole’s seat.

We had no idea that some 3 years later that we would have to question what we had at the time thought as good judgment.

I personally had no idea that a fellow could become so overpowered with his own self-importance. We are talking about a seat on a small town council. One vote out of 5. A position that depends on finding consensus with and maintaining comity between his fellow councilmen, and the respect and support of the citizenry at large.

I had no Idea that my advocacy for appointing Jim Harris would come back to haunt me, but it has.

_44008597_nasser630_puffaJim is a nice enough guy. But even nice guys sometimes let their own PR go to their heads. Jim seems to let his head swell up like a puffer fish, believing that his tenuous position as a City Councilman brings him some sort of elite social standing. Boy does he have a lot to learn.

His position is contingent upon him keeping tuned in to the will of the whole People. Not as he seems to think that small group that blow smoke up his tailpipe.

Greek_Mt.OlympusJim has stated in public and to mutual friends that he does not like the way he is criticized on Cactus Thorns. He hates it when we fail to recognized that his appointment was not an elevation to Mount Olympus to sit on the right hand a Zeus. I had no idea the man was incapable of accepting the pitfalls of politics with anything more than acceptance that others in his position take, as just part of the job.

His appointment was a politically expedient choice, that in retrospect many feel was a dumb mistake. I take full responsibility for my part in pushing for his appointment.

I’m just one vote, but I do seem to have a small but loyal following of readers. It is a long long year until the next Council Elections. A whole lifetime in Politics. It is Jim’s  to win or loose. Jim lost the last election last time by 5 votes. Every vote counts in his upcoming reelection bid.

Here is an update to the old adage, “Never get into an argument with a man who buys his ink by the barrel.”  Never get into a pissing match with a guy who buys his bandwidth in Tarra Bytes.

My advice to Jim would be to take criticism with a grain of salt, don’t sweat the small stuff and pick your fights carefully.  And above all else Jim needs to realize that, he was Appointed not Anointed.

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  1. Once upon a time far, far away there was a remote little desert village in the middle of nowhere. There were 29 Palm Trees that proudly stretched toward the sky. Straight and tall were they. Their feet in the water and their fronds reached toward the roasty sky. It was a toasty and placid little oases village. But things were pillaged in the little village.

    There were Four men and one Trickster
    that kinda ran things. For they thought of the Villagers not as hipsters but as tiny little dispsters who know so little they didn’t know diddle.

    The Four taxes the Villagers and the Trickster mastered the strings. The Four besotted upon the Trickster high esteem. The Villagers constructed a couple of community huts. But all to soon before noon the Trickster took delivery of the hut for tender.

    The Four thought so highly so of themselves all puffed-up and prissy like little peacocks. The Trickster adulated and flatulated from his rump seated on a pale palm stump. The Four thought they wiz men and puffered much too much. They knew so little listening to Trickster prattle and kittle. The poor little tittle-tattled Four knew so little.

    One day, the Trickster wheedling and needled the misdirected Four who were never level-headed before. In short of time, the Trickster wheedled and billeted the Four of the second villager’s hut. The trickster moved into this permanent home and played to play too oft with his little fiddle.

    One day the Villager marched to the largest of the Palms to meet to the Four. They said, “I wished you hadn’t given our buildings to that old Trickster”. ?Ahh, “but,” said the Four, “We know it’s right though it’s wrong. Common sense tells us we’re dense. We can’t help our sense — you see, little Villagers, he made us promise he could take some more.”

    “But, that’s wrong,” said they. “It’s right,” said the Four, “but it’s wrong never more.” In the background the Trickster played with his flageolet there on the palm stump. Wearing a Cheshire Cat smile all the while.

    “Oh, dear” said the Villagers, “How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail, and pour the waters of the Nile On every golden scale! How cheerfully he seems to grin, How neatly spreads his claws, And welcomes little fishes in With gently smiling jaws!”

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    “We don’t know much,” said the Four. Then took no notice of them no more.

    “But this is such a queer thing, to be sure,” said the Villagers and they grew tired of the flageolet. And they grew tired of the Four.

    The Villagers began to dances around the Palms until the sun went down.

    And when the sun rose the Trickster had the flageolet stuck up his nose. The four were no more and the Villagers read the ledgers and selected Four more. The ballot was their mallot. Their mark was their bark.

  2. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    I just have a quick question. Has anyone read the bios for the city council? And why are there no other bios?

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      The city pays Shark Studios to maintain their website what most would say a huge amount of dollars per year to do that very thing. The Website hearkens one back to 1995 in its look. It is just ugly.

      They pay way to much and receive way to little in return.

  3. christysnca26 christysnca26 says:

    Mr. Obrien, I am not sure why it is that you seem to lack factual knowledge of topics which seem to spew like a volcano from your finger tips to the pages of this blog. You stated that Jim Harris lost by 5 votes. You are once again mistaken and I can in fact confirm this because at the time of the election I was employed by the Registrar of Voters for our county and I also was employed by the Republican Party as a representative. I know it to be FACT that Jim Harris only lost the election by 1 vote and when asked if he would like a recount as per law requires Mr. Harris said no. It was later discovered that the count had been in accurate and again Mr. Harris declined to force Steve Flock from office. As per law Jim Harris was appointed. You claim that this was done to save the tax payers money but I am sure that being a tax payer myself, I would rather pay the extra money to have another election than be forced to elect someone I thought would not do a fair job on City Council. Your excuses for continually attacking Mr. Harris are running out. You make excuses because you lack the integrity to do the things that he has done while on council. You know that your own incompetence would not allow you to stand for what is right when your back is against the wall and the majority vote is against you. This is something that Mr. Harris will willingly do. He stands for what he believes to be right no matter the consequences and he does not belittle those who fail to see things his way, another trait you might consider adopting. It has also come to my understanding that there will soon be another election within our fine city, as to which I suggest that you yourself run for council and then we can all see how you in fact commit the actions which you so blatantly accuse Mr. Harris of having done. I will personally promise you that I will create a website complete with blog to monitor your progress on council as you have extended the same courtesy to Mr. Harris. It is sad that you lack the common sense to know what it means to contradict yourself. You claim that “Jim is a nice enough guy,” and then in turn belittle him. Could you please do us all a favor and make a sound decision on your opinion of him. A person cannot say that another is a nice person, which last time I checked was a compliment, then in turn mock our ancestors in an attempt to disparage that same person’s character. For example I would never lower my own standards or belief systems to allow myself to make the mistake of calling you worthy of sitting to the right hand of any god other than Satan, or even going so far as to say that you have higher moral standards than that of Beelzebub. I won’t even allow myself to make the mistake of using your name and the words friend, gentleman, or good person in the same sentence. You say with pride you have “a small but loyal following of readers” who is on the ego trip now? You are a self admitted “God” to the people. Profoundly enough Satan can do the same thing as you and you both mislead people into places they do not have to be, should they follow the more enlightened voice. You have time and time again used your knowledge or lack thereof to continuously attack, belittle and destroy the good name, of good people and that is very disturbing. Perhaps you may consider seeing a professional to help you overcome your own self esteem issues and the high probability that you may need to be medicated to help you deal with the normal standards of today’s society members. I will tell you that there is a strong chance that you may suffer from some type of obsessive compulsive, schizophrenic, obsession with Mr. Harris and that in turn concerns me. I find myself beginning to wonder if you are not just a sworn enemy of Mr. Harris but more of a stalker, being that you seem to spend more time on concentrating on what Mr. Harris does or does not do and contemplating ways to continue your assaults on his character, rather than working on a positive solution to the problems you feel Mr. Harris fails to address accurately. Perhaps you should take your own advice and come up Hades and join the real members of the world. For the record Mr. Harris is CHRISTIAN not Roman, and your stomach turning insult concerning our religious beliefs through the comparison of Mr. Harris and Zeus vs. the known fact that Jesus is seated to the right hand of God is not well received either. The greatest part shall be in knowing that neither Mr. Harris nor I feel the need to compare God’s miracles vs. Satan’s, though when one takes the time to think about it Satan and you seem to have a lot in common. There is wisdom to be found in choosing to seek help when one such as yourself feels their own inadequacies are less than that of others. I am assured that someone is living in sheer terror of your impending commitment to the nearest mental ward, should your mental faculties continue to deteriorate at its current pace. Please seek help as soon as possible, somewhere; someone in the world is depending on you to at least pretend to be a normal functioning member of society. Sincerely, Christy Buckley

  4. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    So are you saying that Mr. Harris thinks that he was “Anointed” to sit upon the Right hand of the LORD Himself? Wow!

  5. christysnca26 christysnca26 says:

    I never said that. You keeping twisting words that people say for your own benefit. You said that he was seated at the right hand of Zeus, which for those of us who are in fact Christian know is an attempted insult upon our Christian belief system. Jim Harris has never said that he was seated anywhere other than on the Council members bench. You blatantly accuse Jim of so much b.s. that you can’t even keep your own false accusations straight. You need to re-read what you write before you attempt to respond to people. You will do well to realize that you are coming to the debate table completely naked and there is no wisdom in trying to argue with someone of a higher caliber of intelligence and integrity than yourself. You will not win.

  6. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    As for winning….. I think I have…. You just haven’t noticed.

    PS there is no way Jim weighs 2/3 more than i do.

  7. christysnca26 christysnca26 says:

    Mr. O’Brien your over inflated ego is the only thing that allows you to win but for those of us who live in the real world and not some falsified utopia in which we are the “King Weenie,” you are not worth to lick the dog shit from the heal of Satan’s boot. I apologize to those of you other than Mr. O’Brien who may be offended by my language but even God himself could only take so much of the lies and sewage that oozes from the pours of this man. My advice to you is that you get your head out of your ass and apologize to Mr. Harris for the drama you have caused. Now I am going to get back to this thing I have that apparently you don’t called a life. Take care and good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. hot_cntrygrl20 says:

    Dannie O’Brien, I have to tell you that you have been very lucky to have spoken to someone as classy as Christysnca26. I will forewarn you that I am not half the lady she is and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of me. I have read through some of your postings and responses and I have to agree with Christysnca26. You are an absolute ass.I would be willing to bet that if certain parts of your anatomy were as big as your mouth you would be the greatest porn star to ever grace the big screen. Sadly that would also prevent you from being able to walk upright.You should be embarrassed for talking such trash to a lady as you have spoken to Christysnca26. I am surprised she has not taken the time to stand face to face with you and kick you were it counts, but being that you obviously don’t have one because that is part of a man and that you are not, I can see why she hasn’t. You deserve it though. You stated once that you were married and I assume you have children, so I ask you, how would you like it if that was your wife, mother, sister, or daughter being spoken to the way you do Christysnca26. I personally do not know her but I know I would be honored to have her as a friend, along with this Jim Harris you speak so lowly of. I don’t know him personally either but any man willing to stand for what he believes in no matter what is a good man, something you know nothing about. You DANNIE O’BRIEN should bow down before the royalty of honesty and all good things and apologize. Your ideas of being a man are very twisted and disgusting.

  9. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    “King Weenie?” Well wouldn’t that mean I’m bigger man than Jim after all?

  10. christysnca26 christysnca26 says:

    I am not against being gay but for the record Jim is straight as am I. I am not sure what part of Jim’s anatomy you are referring to but if you are talking about the size of your mouth, ego, and/or arrogance then yes you certainly have him beat hands down.Other than that you would have to remove your lips from Jim’s ass for me to measure.You certainly seem to enjoy having them there though I am assured Jim and I both grow tired. I do pose this question to you, what do I as a Christian have to talk to you an obvious Satanist about? As far as I am concerned you are nothing more than a jealous,meandering jerk, who would not know the truth if it walked up and introduced itself to you.You have been afforded many opportunities to become a better person but choose not too, this is yet another concept I will never understand but as they say stupid is what stupid does. I suppose you cannot be held accountable for not being intelligent enough to become something greater because you are not smart enough to figure out Jim Harris is a better person than you could ever hope to become and until you realize this you will never be normal.You can not be Jim Harris, not now, not ever, learn this and move on.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      You know your getting stranger and stranger with every post. I wonder have you re-read your posts?

      Take this last statement, “I suppose you cannot be held accountable for not being intelligent enough to become something greater because you are not smart enough to figure out Jim Harris is a better person than you could ever hope to become and until you realize this you will never be normal.”

      Let me get this straight you want me to lay off of Harris and even apologize? But the way you go about it this by ranting as if you had diarrhea of the esophagus, tossing out insults like a drunken Sailor (I Apologize to all my Navy readers). It ain’t going to happen on my watch.

      Let me give you some sage advice here. Your rants do not help the cause of Mr. Harris. In fact tend to make things worse. Maybe if you would have shut up I would have done likewise.

      Excuse me but I have to go…. Beelzebub is on the other line.

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