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A riviting film: “Brothers”

By   /   April 8, 2014  /   Comments Off

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The Children, the Wife, Brother and USMC Capt. Sam Cahill

The Children, the Wife, Brother and USMC Capt. Sam Cahill

I highly recommend this movie! “Brothers” is a heart wrenching film.  A film in which you’ll share every bit of your compassion, with ever fiber of your being, with the homeland characters in this family. We all hear about this war. The  rhetoric is dry and stale.  And we’re so far removed from the reality of it all –  we don’t know squat! We Americans must realize that many of our women and men have been deployed to military war zones four, going on five times. Enough is enough!

This move deals with the realities both in Afghanistan and the homeland.  And watch how it unfolds, touches and concerns then seriously impacts on the emotions of this families.

Besides which, the acting doesn’t get any better with these four main characters.

Tobey Maguire

Jake Gyllenhaal

Natalie Portman

Bailee Madison

Maguire has never, never had a part like this.  Yound Bailee Madison is one of the finest young actors you will ever watch. Watch how this kid (does it like no other child has ever) brought to life a troubled child emotionally impacted by her PTSD affected father. Her emotional character growth is so telling, so spellbinding… unbelievable. This is one hell of a outstandingly telling film.

Best thing, it’s playing locally in Yucca Valley. First showing: 1:30. Really, see this film. This is what war does to love ones and families.

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