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Community Radio Visited: Coffee with Gary and Branson

By   /   September 17, 2010  /   1 Comment

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Thanks for dropping in Gary. I serve the best brew of coffee in the neighborhood. I think you’ll like this dark roast. It’s a rich and flavorful premium Arabica blend grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. At least that’s what it says on the container.

Here’s why I invited you over.  Your community radio show the other day was pure Machiavellian dirty politics. Your old crony city council hopeful Jay Corbin was on the show Friday that you hosted. He  has the not so charitable distinction of being the first candidate to play dirty politics.  No other candidate has played dirty but Corbin.  You and Corbin were like a rag-tag team of silly little devious bullshit artists.

Here… let me pour you a cup of this really good coffee.

I don’t listen to community radio much.  But I get this call. The caller says the host of the radio station is being a grumpy old fool and saying negative things about several of the candidates. So I tuned in community radio. Guess what, your longtime pal City Council hopeful Jay Corbin called in. He was the only 29 candidate that called in. Corbin didn’t say much about his campaign. Fact is he spent his time with you bashing incumbent candidate Jim Harris and Council Steve Spear.

You lost a good opportunity for community radio to be community radio. Yet you clowns chose to slinging mud. Doesn’t that Close-Up program satisfy a FCC requirement for public service broadcasting? It was more like Rush Limbaugh hate radio. Are you a ditto head Gary?

Hold on Gary. How ‘ bout a warm up. It’s Trader Joe’s premium $3.99 a can. I’ve got some better stuff put away but you have to earn that.

Since all the candidates thus far have played fair, I’m curious why Corbin stepped out of line and trashed two Councilmen and then invented things like they don’t get it or the Councilmen lack community awareness. You not only enabled Corbin’s bumbling behavior but leaped on the dirty politics wagon. Is this a good example of community radio?

I know you are an important guy Gary: Currently seated President of Theater 29 for the last nine years; Immediate Past-President; Current Director of 29 Chamber of Commerce, Immediate Past-President, Rotary Club of Yucca Valley; Program/Owner/News Director, KCDZ, Z107.7FM.

Why would you chose to trash one candidate and one guy that is not even a candidate? Instead of taking advantage of having a candidate available for questions. Is this the format you offer other 29 Palms City Council Candidates: Contentiousness, bad mouthing, nays, dirty politics, negative stuff, propaganda and the absence of  issues? You boast that you are a journalist. I poo poo that. You distorted the news in that show to your own end.

The Desert Trail  did their job well. They reported on both sides of the Public Hearing. The Trail pretty much summarized the tax payers protest accurately with a public speakers statement, “I’m not against having this event, what I am against is using taxpayer money to do it ….” You failed to report the reason why the two councilmen you talk about - it was really four Gary- you left out Klink and Cole - didn’t give your pal on the 29 Camber/Action Council 29, Mel Berlin a ten thousand dollars gift to do as they want with no strings. It’s because it was against their oath.  The total voe was four to one. The Trail reported this. You did not.

Next up Gary - a Desert Trail Editorial - has a message for you .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Desert Trails Editorial, Yeas & Nays

“Nays are waiting those who think a political campaign is a good excuse to attack and defame the character of others, whether candidates or their supporters. Let’s refrain from dirty politics this year.” – Editor Desert Trail

Gary, you just can’t promote one side news. The Desert Trail didn’t play it that way. In fact Courtney Vaughn’s article — entitled Chalk Fest permit granted, but city won’t be event sponsor — was outstanding and professional.  What’s up with your negative dirty politics?

More coffee commin’ up, Gary. Look at the steam ufurl from your cup Gary. Hey, I know it’s tough. Accepting constructive criticism is not easy, but belly up to it. You see I’m not trashing you. What is said here stays here. Here’s what one long-time 29 resident and alternative media local blogger wrote about you:

“Four councilmen voted against Mayor Flock’s motion to give a $10 k gift without any strings attached to spend as they see fit not in the interests of tax payers. You and your buddy Mr. Mel Berlin are long time friends. You guys are both Directors on the 29 Chamber. No need to trash Spear and Harris. Councilman Spear said the oath he took in office prevented his from voting for the proposal. Likewise with the $16,000 the city is putting up for an annual fundraiser. You [Gary]failed, omitted this, and continued in an underhanded personal attack.” — CoraHeiser. For Ms. Heiser entire story, click here.

It’s true Gary, your community radio host show wasn’t anything like Courtney Vaughn’s article in the trail. Her article served the community in a fair manner from all sides. Your host show served yourself and Corbin, it was not balanced or fair community radio. It also shot a salvo around the Basin that you have conflicts of interest in the community. It’s etched across your forehead.

Hey, Gary, lets have one last cup of coffee.

As I was saying, if your pal Corbin gets elected you could have a 2-3 votes (Cole, Klink, Corbin) for that Theatre 29 City building you want tax payers to build. What was its name? The Theatre 29 Gary Daigneault City Building.

Hey, nice having you over for coffee Gary
. Just drive up the road till you reach pavement.That’ll take you to 62.  Remember… I think you are so personally involved in Theatre 29 and the 29 Chamber of Commerce, you’ve shown you lack the ability to be objective in this election. That doesn’t further any purpose but your own self-interests.

You have sent the message that your station is not friendly to candidates.  Why should they come on your show?   Go home Gary.

- END -

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Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.

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  1. Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

    If you follow the link to my story, it goes to the blog to and about Mel Berlin. I do not mention Gary at all in any of my blogs.

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