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America in Decline

By   /   April 4, 2014  /   Comments Off

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A reminder of who Phil Klasky really is.

A reminder of who Phil Klasky really is.

Infrequently during the course of history an exceptional nation arises, such as America, and then insanity sweeps the land that leads to its’ demise. Nonsense passes for truth, and truth is ridiculed. Alien ideas replace the founding culture, and the nation lacks the will to confront reality.

Rome paid its’ enemies not to attack until their money became worthless. In America we borrow from our enemies so they can make debt slaves out of our children.

Our dependence on foreign energy can be solved by drilling, but environmental socialists who hate America won’t let us. Seventy percent of Americans have bought into the global warming farce and believe we can control the weather by taxing hydrocarbons.

Our national media champions anti-American policies and political correctness rather than serve as a watchdog against subversion. Political correctness has become fiat law to discourage traditional Americans from speaking out.

America is committing economic treason and suicide by sending our manufacturing base to our communist enemies in the Asian Pacific, and outsourcing our jobs to India.

The Romans debased gold and silver coins with base metals until they became worthless. Our dollar is being destroyed by government printing presses.

Third world countries are building nuclear power plants while we get windmills.

Ivy league economists who never ran so much as a hot dog stand tell us we are in a “jobless recovery.” Look “oxymoron” up in the dictionary.

The electorate hired a leftist egotistical man child for president who is rushing to convert us from a capitalist economic system that made us the envy of the world, to a socialist system that fails when ever it’s tried. Social justice means we will all share equally in scarcity and misery.

How’s that hope and change working out for ya?

Ron Brault

Twentynine Palms

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