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REDUX 2010: Margo throws her Stetson into the ring

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By Dan O’Brien

(Original Post: October 5, 2010) Yucca Valley, Ca.- Margo Sturges officially “tossed her hat into the ring” as a candidate for the Hi-Desert Water District challenging three incumbent Directors.

Sturges is very involved in the community and “wears many hats.” Recently stepping down as the Planning Commissioner for the Town of Yucca Valley, she is the current President of the Republican Women, member of the Noon Rotary Club, the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce, a hospice volunteer for Visiting Nurses, volunteers for her church and was recently selected as one of the ten Community Leaders of the Morongo Basin for the Hi-Desert Medical Center Leadership Academy that graduated last month.

Since 2001 she has owned a Western store called Grandpa’s Courtyard, with her husband Bob, who is her best friend of 39 years. They are often guests of the Yucca Valley Library and Joshua Tree Library bringing their tiny 6 lb pot belly pig, Janet, to the children’s Christmas party and summer reading programs. Janet was recently a guest at Kamp Kool Beans summer camp hosted by the Town of Yucca Valley performing little dancing tricks for a mere treat of one Cheerio.

For the past two years, Sturges has attended every HDWD water board meeting, HDWD special committee meetings, local and regional water conferences, including the Joshua Tree, San Diego and San Bernardino Water Forums. She had been on the Planning Commission since January 2009, attending the Yucca Valley Town Council meetings, Strategic Planning meetings and Redevelopment Meetings during this same time. She is the only person in the Morongo Basin that can make this claim and has personally studied each full agenda packet prior to each meeting.

“I am ready to serve the voters the day after being elected and I am prepared to represent their concerns. I will bring my skills to the table in public relations, as a past office manager and insurance sales/customer service supervisor. I know what a financial struggle it is for everyone just to survive in this economy. I have to make personal decisions on a daily basis with rising costs on a fixed income so I know what it’s like to worry about paying the basic monthly expenses.” She added, “There is no one on the current Board of Directors to represent the general public especially the Seniors, fixed income or low income rate payers until now…. I will be their representative.”

When asked about the current political trend Sturges replied,”The voters are sick and tired of being neglected by their elected officials and just are not going to take it anymore.”

Sturges feels this is her “Special Calling” to serve the voters as a Director on the water board. “Our water situation is a crisis with shortages and rising costs. Our previous Directors were derelict in their duties by not bringing in a sewer system. Their lack of responsibility ten years ago has caused us to face increased costs today with slim hopes of securing federal or state grants to help with the costs given their own economic problems. Without a sewer and a program to reclaim the treated waste waters, our town will not survive into the next decade.”

In addition to “wearing many hats” while volunteering or attending meetings, Margo also never leaves her home without actually wearing one. “I wear one every day so my brain doesn’t fry in the summer or freeze up in the winter!” She encourages everyone to become involved in the Community and feels it is the secret to longevity.

When asked about facing three incumbents, she laughed, “In the last election, I ran heads up against a very fine young candidate who is now Vice President Dan Munsey of the HDWD. Thank God I will not be running against him this time around!”

Margo-Sturges is a regular contributor to Cactus Thorns Blog reaching more than 5,000 readers every day. Here is the link to her past stories posted on Cactus Thorns: http://vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/author/margo-sturges

You can find her on Facebook or visit her website: http://www.margosturges.com/

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  1. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Margo Sturges has my vote!

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