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Man up, like you have a pair

By   /   June 22, 2014  /   1 Comment

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campfire-mdBesides a fire about so high, what burns my ass more than anything is the complete cowardice of people to defend their own beliefs and space. 

I get emails and letters on a weekly basis asking me to husband some cause or carry the banner in the advancement of some perceived wrong.

While we get more internet hits than all other forms of media in the Morongo Basin, we can not get those that write their secreted correspondence or there steads to add a single binary digit to the Story line or comments.

Writing a blog or commenting on this site is “Easy Peasy.” Its like whistling. Like Loren Becall said, “You know how to Whistle don’t you?”

While we get as many as 10,000 reads a day, there are only about a dozen of us who ply these waters with a comment,  even less who post a story on a regular basis.

I beats the hell out of me why these poor bastards have a fear of posting their woes here but will allow themselves the experience of editorial rape by the local paper.

51Q5vueOv1L._SY300_It’s as easy as pie to register here and after a short probationary period of having your first post or comment reviewed, you are given free range. Once you’ve got a post or comment or two under your belt, regular posting is a snap.

You have a wrong to be righted? You have a mission to be accomplished? Its up to you or your friends to come here and post about it.

Look we all have our own crosses to bear, our own priorities, our own pet peeves. We have our own windmills to battle. I have given the community a hugely successful and widely read media vehicle and it is up to each of you to take advantage of the opportunity to use the damned thing.

If you want your story told you are going to have to come out of your own closet and man up. Write your own copy. Take your own shot at public opinion.

Got something to say? Say it.



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  • Published: 1 month ago on June 22, 2014
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Dan OBrien


Cactus Thorns has been online in one form or the other since 2001. What started as a personal blog documenting the corruption and lack of Due Process of the 29 Palms Community Development Department has turned into over these many years into a hugely popular Independent Alternative News Media Outlet. We have partnered with other media including The Desert Star Weekly, Joshua Tree Star, other blogs, indie media and an incredible staff of volunteer Reporters, Commentators and Opinion Makers to create one of the most read, honest and dependable alternative to the Local traditional Media services in the country. Thanks to you the reader we are in the 5% of most read sites in the World.

1 Comment

  1. ironman ironman says:

    Hi Dan,
    you’re right but this is human nature and many people are just too lazy or are afraid of perceived threats that they think may do them harm if they express an opinion contrary to whatever(?).
    I don’t live over there yet, I will soon and I hope I’ve got the cojones to voice my opinion once I see what goes on there.
    I will however keep this column in mind!
    Have a great day,

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