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Council Member Cora Heiser’s Broken Promises

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Twentynine Palms – Has Councilmember Cora Heiser’s tenure thus far amounted to Waterlogged and broken promises? 

Twentynine Palms City Councilmember Cora Heiser


Given her preelection statement coupled with all that she projected to the public and her many articles archived in Cactus thorns (referenced below) — and her campaign platform — the answer is Yes.  

Often a broken promise is tantamount to a lie. I don’t believe Ms. Heiser meets the criteria as a liar or a hypocrite. She is an honorable and decent person. Yet something troubling has occurred.

Once sworn in and seated on the dais, at her second council meeting her philosophy has changed; she flip-flopped. Hence, the public was deceived.

The public voted for platinum and what they got was pewter. As distinguished from a bona fide hypocrite and vindictive stool pigeon, Councilman Jim Harris – Many believe Cora had good intentions. So what happened?

Cora joined the cult of overspending and secrecy. She did a complete reversal. But why? Was Cora was corrupted by the four the four Iscariot councilmen. Yeah. 

Moreover, Cora is swayed, paralysed and neutralized by local influence that four councilmen underlings pander to. Cora short tenure is a disaster. Like her brethren on the council, thus far Cora has done more harm than she has done good. 

The prognoses: As long as clandestine Mintz and charlatan Harris – a  venomous fellow – are seated on the council, Cora will foreseeable continue to go-along to get-along.

And given the local *New World Order planned for the city and imposed on the public, Cora will continue with her broken promises, her waterlogged representation, her lack of transparency and, most important of all, her complete failure to communicating with the public like she promised.  

* The local New World Order translated: A new direction the council is taking the city. A direction as propounded by Dan Mintz in a press release to the Desert Trail. A direction the public knows little about because it has nether been defined nor discussed. It is akin to Project Phoenix and the plan to spend a disproportionate amount of the bond money (if it materializes) on duplicating a silly new playhouse – officially for the almost exclusive use of a small group local of influential thespians.

A local new order whereby the public remains dumbed-down. And as an example, this misbehaved council still refuses to hold workshops, public hearing or have a discussion with the public about a complete makeover of the downtown area.  

Like Coral’s wretched peers on the council, she will continue to push aside the public. Get rid of double-dealing Jim Harris and cloak-and-dagger Dan Mintz in November 2014 elections and you restore democracy and transparency. And just maybe Heiser will become a public servant as she promised.

Here are Cora’s archived quotes. Here are her lost promises to the public.    

29 has an advisory committees for art and the general plan, but we do not have one for the RDA. That is where we missed the boat. Citizen input has been the missing component.
Won’t Get Fooled Again – March 6, 2011 Cora Heiser

“Fair representation and much discussion must take place first before making a decision that will have long term consequences for 29.”
Won’t Get Fooled Again – March 6, 2011 Cora Heiser

Cora For Council Webpage. 29 Palms is in an identity crisis as well as an economic crisis. Unfortunately, the leadership in this town has failed to tap its greatest resource- the people. The founders understood that before you need to build a community center, you must first build a community. Likewise, as a city, we need to revitalize the people before revitalizing the downtown area.

“Fair representation and much discussion must take place first before making a decision that will have long term consequences for 29.”
Won’t Get Fooled Again – March 6, 2011 Cora Heiser

“… I was not suggesting using RDA or even bond money for the theater, I wouldn’t be for that, unless it provided jobs for local 29 Palm people permanently, then I will certainly consider it.’
Comment in “29 Palms fiscal year ’09/’10 RDA Housing Report.

Before Cora was elected, she in good faith wanted the public to know her belif that: “I believe whole – heartedly that our city councilmen have been trusting and listening to consultants, attorneys, and City Manager Warne, but our city councilmen need to remember that consultants, attorneys, and City Managers are not your friends, nor your neighbors.” — Cora Heiser December 2011 

“Tell your City Council we don’t want even an appearance of backroom deals…” It is time to call them out on this. If not you, then who? and if not now, when?
Has The Love of Money Corrupted Good Men?


For more broken promises and abandoned platforms, check out these archives: 
Archived in Cactus Articles Posts by Cora Heiser


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