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Humphreville Campaigns for Anarchy

By   /   June 17, 2014  /   1 Comment

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Bulletin 1.5 Citizens’ HOP Workshop
June 15, 2014
Town Council Candidate Tim Humphreville campaigns for industrial manufacturing located side by side with residences according to the individual will of each property owner. Candidate Humphreville’s plan is an anarchist’s dream of a patch-work quilt of businesses located right next door to residences as is found in blighted urban cores of major cities.
Not content with inflicting industrial operations of forklifts, cranes, and diesel trucks on one quiet premium residential neighborhood, Mayor Lombardo’s Planning Commissioner Humphreville is now pushing for more power legally to convert residential parcels into industrial sites upon a mere single vote of his companion political appointees of the Planning Commission.
This is unprecedented in Yucca Valley and contrary to the 60 year continuing trend of best development and planning practices for Towns.
To achieve his anarchist dream Candidate Humphreville next has targeted for repeal the municipal codes that currently protect real estate investments with certainty of the residential character of the neighborhood which determines the value of their asset over 30 years into retirement.
Humphreville’s radical plans of situational decision making are now on the agenda of the Planning Commission to repeal Section 84.0615 thru 84.0622 of the Yucca Valley Development Code.
Given the Planning Commission votes to rubber stamp all proposals of 20 year veteran Town Hall bureaucrat Shane Stueckle without even bothering to read written objections and petitions of citizens, the Town Council is all but certain to consider in the near future Candidate Humphreville’s proposal for chaos. 
Call and petition the Town Council with letters, calls, and public comment to reject the chaos plan of Candidate Tim Humphreville before it turns Yucca Valley into the City of Bell or worse.
Call 760-469-3036 for more information.

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1 Comment

  1. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    This article is pure hogwash!!!!!!

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