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Different Campaign Sign Rules for “Us” and “Them?”

By   /   June 13, 2014  /   2 Comments

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Cook sign

Morongo Basin, Ca.,- There are rules regulating placement of campaign signs and some very definite do’s and dont’s.  The Yucca Valley Sign ordinance states the candidate must complete an application and provide a map of the sign placements. I can assure you NO ONE is allowed to attach/affix ANY signs, campaign or yard sales signs to stop sign posts, utility or no parking posts.

“Such signs shall not be nailed or affixed to any tree, fence post or public utility pole and shall not be located in the public right-of-way or publicly owned land.” Section 87.07130 TEMPORARY SIGNS. (d.) Political Signs

The applicant attests to following these rules and those of CalTrans.

Having worked on various campaigns, I have first hand knowledge there are rules for “Us” and different rules for “Them” as revealed in the following photographs taken just outside a local polling station in Sky Harbor.

cook sign 2


mayes sign

Cook sign attached to gas line post


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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    Our forefathers worked and sacrificed to give individuals the power over the state, It is every patriots duty to disobey ALL unjust laws, For the good of country put ones trust in the jury system. I see campaigns as free speech that cannot be restricted. No ordnance, code or regulation shale deny me that right to free speech.

    • Hi Mark, I realize the sign ordinance is close to your heart and you have been hassled in the past by the City of Twentynine Palms.

      My point in this post is the fact certain folks get a free pass as part of the “Good ol’ Boys” AKA the “Cook Machine” to place campaign signs anywhere they please while others face the wrath of code enforcement.

      Will you be running for 29 Palms City Council? Someone has to ask the tough questions to fellow candidates, if nothing else, become a Cactus Thorn in their side?

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