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Press Release: MAC Agenda for Monday, June 9, 2014

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From: Mike Lipsitz <BasinMAC@gmail.com>

Sender: mikelipsitz@gmail.com

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 14:13:24 -0700

To: Mike Lipsitz<mike.lipsitz@bos.sbcounty.gov>

Subject: MAC Agenda for June 9, 2014 & Minutes of May 12 Meeting

The agenda for the June 9 meeting of the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council is attached and pasted below.

Also here, please find Draft Minutes from the MAC Meeting of Monday, May 12.

Mike Lipsitz, Field Representative to

JAMES C. RAMOS, Supervisor, County of San Bernardino


Desk  760.366.1488, Fax 760.366.1489

63665 Twentynine Palms Highway

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

MAC Agenda for June 9^J 2014

To Third District County Supervisor James C. Ramos 


Regular Open Session Meeting  6:30 PM, Monday, June 9, 2014
Joshua Tree Community Center, 6171 Sunburst Ave., Joshua Tree, CA 92252

A. Call to Order (1 minute)

B. Pledge of Allegiance (2 minutes)
C. Roll Call (2 minutes)
D. Adoption of the Agenda (2 minutes)
E. Approval of Minutes from May 12 (2 minutes)
F. Call for Public Comment (15 minutes) Submit REGISTRATION CARDS to SECRETARY ROSSI
At this time, any person may comment on items not listed on the agenda that are of interest to the
public and within the jurisdiction of the MAC. The Council is prohibited by law from taking action on
matters that are not on the agenda. Comment may be offered on items listed on the agenda when
those items come up for discussion or action.

In all cases, if you wish to speak please submit a REGISTRATION CARD to the SECRETARY and proceed to
the podium when recognized by the Chair. Speakers should address the Board as a whole through the
Chair. Comments to individual Council Members and/or staff are not appropriate for this venue. Please
limit comments to 3 minutes.

G. Public Safety Reports
1. Morongo Basin Sheriff Station, Capt. Dale Mondary (5 minutes)
2. CHP, Lt. Dan DeLong & PIO Joan Griffin (5 minutes)
3. San Bernardino County Fire, Division Chief Benfield (5 minutes)
H. Informational Item
1. Art Miller Jr. presents the plan to market Morongo Basin as a tourist destination under
Joshua Tree Gateway Communities. (20 minutes)
I. Action Items
1. Desert Heights Overview. Following an overview of Desert Heights, including geographic
boundaries, population, issues of concern and community leaders, the Council will consider
how the MAC might best represent interests unique to that community, if any, and
possibly make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. (20 minutes)

2. Wonder Valley Tax Initiative for Maintenance. Starlene Javier will overview road
conditions in Wonder Valley and ask the MAC to support a tax initiative to finance creation
of a County Special District needed road improvements. (20 minutes)
J. Community, Officer & Committee Reports (15 minutes)
1. Brief reports on items of interest from represented community, office and committee
where appropriate.
K. Items for July Agenda:
L. Adjournment Next meeting: 6:30 PM, Mon., July 14, 2014; same location as above.
San Bernardino County is committed to ensuring persons with disabilities are provided the resources to
participate fully in public meetings. If you require disability-related modifications or accommodations,
including auxiliary aid or services, contact the BOS office at least three business days prior to the meeting. 

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