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Ramos Decommissions Peach As Morongo Basin Advisor

By   /   June 7, 2014  /   5 Comments

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Third District County Supervisor James Ramos has removed David Peach from his position on the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council.


Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council Members being sworn in. Mr. Peach is third member from left.

Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council Members being sworn in. Mr. Peach is third member from left.


Municipal Advisory Councils are impaneled in the county’s unincorporated areas. As a collective of local residents, the councils, known as MACs, offer non-binding recommendations to the member of the board of supervisors overseeing that particular jurisdiction.
MAC members are appointed by the supervisor and serve at his discretion.
Peach is an outspoken member of the community who on and in various forums, including blogs, commentaries and letters to press outlets, has proven critical of some of the Morongo Basin’s elected and appointed political leadership, as well as city staff members in Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley.

Peach was appointed to the Morongo Basin MAC last October.

Most recently, Peach offered up criticism of the Hi-Desert Water District’s board of directors. The Hi-Desert Water District is serving in the capacity of the lead agency pursuing the construction of a water treatment system in Yucca Valley. The town of Yucca Valley is under a mandate from the state to undertake that project.

Peach suggested that the Water District board is arranging financing and construction of that project in a way that is showing favoritism to friends and political associates of those board members. This triggered a backlash from the board members and other local officials and movers and shakers, resulting in Ramos’s decision to remove Peach from the MAC.

Margo Sturges, an activist in the Morongo Basin, lodged a protest over Peach’s removal, “While most of us in the Morongo Basin may not always agree with Mr. Peach, we fully support and defend his rights to express his opinions,” Sturges said. “The fact Mr. Peach is a member of the San Bernardino County Municipal Advisory Council should not disqualify him from voicing his valid concerns and giving up his First Amendment rights.”

Sturges asserted that Peach had provided the community with “honorable service” and had himself been subjected to “a culture of bully tactics taking place in the Morongo Basin, specifically in Yucca Valley…  the tactics of a small group of self-appointed citizen vigilantes conspiring to remove or silence anyone who speaks up or speaks out.”

June 6, 2014 by , S.B. Sentinel | To read the full story, click here


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  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Ships are decommissioned. Peach was fired.

    When you accept a political post you must follow the rules (written or not). Dave could not represent Ramos and keep that pie hole shut.

    I don’t even like Ramos but I do under stand political protocol.

    Peach was incapable of being subservient of the district supervisor. He knew his fate…

  2. Although I don’t know personally know David Peach, I read most of his writings. He is an important and critical voice in the Morongo Basin.

    All told, I hope Mr. Peach continues to be a strong watchdog, an activist, and a voice tackling difficult problem. He’s a asset who stomps on corruption, and holds unethical or lame local leaders accountable.

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