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1 in 8 turnout, vote for Status Quo

By   /   June 4, 2014  /   3 Comments

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Registration & Turnout
851,326 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Precinct Turnout 43,172 5.07%
Vote by Mail Turnout 82,471 9.69%
Total 125,643 14.76%


Superintendent of Public Instruction

1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
TOM TORLAKSON 47,257 40.79%
MARSHALL TUCK 35,594 30.72%
LYDIA A. GUTIERREZ 33,001 28.49%
Total 115,852 100.00%


County Superintendent of Schools

1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
RITA RAMIREZ 32,721 29.71%
TED ALEJANDRE 60,585 55.01%
FRANK GARZA 16,838 15.29%
Total 110,144 100.00%


Board of Supervisors District 2

348/348 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
RANDOLPH B. BEASLEY 7,877 32.14%
Total 24,510 100.00%


Board of Supervisors District 4

186/186 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
CURT HAGMAN 7,276 40.12%
JAMES NA 1,694 9.34%
Total 18,136 100.00%



1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
DAN HARP 57,766 49.86%
BOB DUTTON 58,102 50.14%
Total 115,868 100.00%


Auditor-Controller/Treas/Tax Collector

1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
LARRY WALKER 86,189 74.65%
ENSEN MASON 29,263 25.35%
Total 115,452 100.00%


District Attorney

1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
MICHAEL A. RAMOS 71,553 61.44%
GROVER D. MERRITT 44,914 38.56%
Total 116,467 100.00%


Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator

1662/1662 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
JOHN MCMAHON 72,889 62.60%
CLIFTON HARRIS 17,713 15.21%
PAUL SCHRADER 25,830 22.18%
Total 116,432 100.00%

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About the author

Dan OBrien


Cactus Thorns has been online in one form or the other since 2001. What started as a personal blog documenting the corruption and lack of Due Process of the 29 Palms Community Development Department has turned into over these many years into a hugely popular Independent Alternative News Media Outlet. We have partnered with other media including The Desert Star Weekly, Joshua Tree Star, other blogs, indie media and an incredible staff of volunteer Reporters, Commentators and Opinion Makers to create one of the most read, honest and dependable alternative to the Local traditional Media services in the country. Thanks to you the reader we are in the 5% of most read sites in the World.


  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    if only half the eligible citizens register to exercise their right to vote that leaves 50%, now we can get to the 1 out of 8 registered voting. at that rate a majority would be somewhere in the 7% range. Is it any wonder we are in the mess we are in?

    The cure: establish a commission to certify what constitutes a valid voter ID, a reasonable cost for the purchase of big brothers approved voter ID, explore the damage caused by illiterates voting, set knowledge standards. this commission must be a living commission.

    yes voter ID is the answer to our election woes

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Better yet tie voting to lets say… the ability to drive. Have your privilege to drive tied to your right and responsibility to Vote.

      Something like this comes to mind; If you miss two elections in a row, your drivers license is suspended for a year.

      • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

        Numerous people have had their driving without a license citation dismissed by arguing they do not participate in the corporation and it is their constitutional right to travel unimpeded. Yes, it has been successfully argued that driving is a right, right up to the point of endangering others.

        Back to voting, I was having an after work beer with a friend a few elections back when the lady I was with ask how many patrons in the bar do I think voted. We were proud of our little I voted sticker. I looked around; there were nine or ten in the bar besides us two, looked back and asked how many do you think have a driver’s license. turns out there were only two people in the bar including the bartender that had as you say the privilege to drive

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