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An Open Letter to Supervisor James Ramos

By   /   June 3, 2014  /   17 Comments

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James Ramos Oct_31_2011

June 3, 2014

James Ramos

3rd District Supervisor

Re: Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council

Appointee: David Peach


Dear Honorable Supervisor James Ramos and Fellow Board of Supervisors,

I am writing in opposition of removing Mr. David Peach from the dais of the SB MAC Council as stated on today’s agenda. He has been abiding by the rules of the MAC Handbook which he swore to uphold upon accepting his appointment.

No where in that manual or guidebook does it require any MAC member to surrender his or her First Amendment Rights of Free Speech.  While most of us in the Morongo Basin may not always agree with Mr. Peach, we fully support and defend his rights to express his opinions.  This is America and many have served this great Country to defend our rights including the honorable service by Mr. David Peach.

There has been a culture of “Bully Tactics” taking place in the Morongo Basin, specifically in Yucca Valley.  I call it “Swarming” to describe the tactics of a small group of self-appointed citizen vigilantes conspiring to remove or silence anyone who speaks up or speaks out.

As if a throw back to the days when faces were covered with hoods and crosses were burned on the front lawns, this group seeks to intimidate and silence their targets, one way or another.

While I have been personally targeted with abrupt removal from the Yucca Valley Rotary and the Yucca Valley Chamber without any grounds or stated reasons, I continue to stand tall against these bully tactics and personal name calling by the worst offenders: Tim Humphreville and Isaac Hagerman. There are others behind the scenes.

While citizens express their “Rights to redress our Government,” the bully tactics continued to include assault with a hammer against those peacefully gathering to protest at a public street corner, putting paint in gas tanks and even organizing a swarm of complaints to have someone banned from making comments on the local newspaper or an attempt ruin their business.

Some of these actions were a clear violation of the Elections Code. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General last year and I am preparing to file new charges.

I have copies of email exchanges between the fired Town Manager Mark Nuaimi and the local newspaper Publisher where he called Mr. Peach “evil” and pleaded to have him removed from making any comments on the Hi-Desert Star.

I have a copy of my report to the SB Sheriff of white paint placed into my gas tank after Measure U, an unpopular 1% general fund tax for 30 years was defeated through my efforts.

I have the District Attorney case # where Mr. Timothy Humphreville, the Chair of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission, went to a citizen’s place of business with false accusations causing her to be fired violating the Elections Code because she also campaigned against Measure U on her own time.

I have documentation when a business owner spoke out against the new highway medians and ex-Councilman Isaac Hagerman organized a group of his friends, some living out of state, to “swarm” Yelp with bad comments about his business.

I have copies of Hi-Desert Water District Director Sarann Graham’s letter to the Editor and DVD of her verbal outrage to chastise Mr. Peach at a water board meeting for his personal opinions speaking as an individual.

I have copies of the false complaints filed by Mr. Tim Humphreville against an elder statesman which were rejected by the FPPC.  Mr. Humphreville secured a handwriting expert in his continued failed attempts to discredit this same elected official.

I have the police report where it was alleged Mr. Humphreville and associates, cut the lock off a security chain fence in the middle of the night flashing high beam flood lights directly into the master bedroom of a council woman who opposed Measure U. Having built that home, they knew which home and window to target.

I have copies of the verbal assaults on Mr. Peach and others written by Mr. Tim Humphreville on various websites to include Cactus Thorns and the Hi-Desert Star comment section.

What is Mr. Peach’s crime? Exercising his First Amendment Rights to express his own personal opinions and concerns?

Mr. Peach has always been in support of protecting the ground water of the Warren Basin and only questions the process to assign the sewer costs equally among his fellow citizens. The fact that he lives in Joshua Tree should not disqualify him from speaking up about his concerns for his neighbors in Yucca Valley, especially the low income citizens who represent the majority of the First Phase.

The fact Mr. Peach is a member of the San Bernardino County Municipal Advisory Council should not disqualify him from voicing his valid concerns and giving up his First Amendment rights.

Mr. Ramos, I urge you to ask your fellow members on the Board of Supervisors to table this item from your consent agenda to review the documents I have mentioned in this letter before taking any action against Mr. Peach.

Please do not support or encourage these bully tactics without review of all the facts and documents.

Respectfully submitted,

Margo Sturges LINK

Concerned Citizen of 3rd District

Resident of Yucca Valley, JT property owner

Citizen Reporter, Cactus Thorns


Attachments: Mac Handbook>MACHandbook2005

Emailed to:

James Ramos: SupervisorRamos@sbcounty.gov  

Chief of Staff Philip Paule: philip.paule@bos.sbcounty.gov

Deputy Chief of Staff Chris Carillo:Chris.Carrillo@bos.sbcounty.gov

3rd District Field Representative: Mike Lipsitz





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  • morongo basin racism
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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

    With freedom Of speech comes responsibility. When representing someone on a council you must share like views. Mr peach is a political bully, he uses his position to insult others around him that do not share his liberal views.
    He also spews racist comments often resulting in childish name calling
    Twisted up in a sentence with too many adverbs and adjectives to try to hide his antics. Reminds me if the book catch 22, upon reading that book one must utilize a sharpie to take out every other word to get to the point of the story.

    When one is appointed to work with other community leaders it is not important to agree but it is important to suggest concerns and comments will not be ignored simply because one doesn’t share the same political views.

    Some of those community leaders will be dancing a jig at mr peach’s departure.

    • Hi GovCodeSearch-Thank you for your comment. While seated on the Big MAC dais, Mr. Peach kept quiet to listen to the concerns of the residents. That is their sole purpose. Any doubts? See all the YouTube posts of each meeting..”BIG MAC March” or “Big MAC April”…and so forth.

      The Big MAC appointees are not expected to work with any other community leaders…that is the responsibility of Mr. Ramos. They did not agree to place duct tape over their mouth when they are about as private citizens, nor should they be expected to.

      As for too many adverbs and adjectives…that is your First Amendment Right to criticize his grammar because we live in a free country. It is also your right to have your own prejudice against Mr. Peach for your opposing views on other matters….hmmm, say medical marijuana?

      Mr. Peach is very outspoken about the Yucca Valley sewer fiasco and he is VERY knowledgeable about the entire system. I know because I personally delivered a 6 inch binder of the collection system schematic that he studied for several months. Because of his knowledge, some folks are trying to shut him down.

      Bottom line, I may not always agree with Mr. Peach but I will defend his right to speak his opinions. And I will always support your rights too GovCodeSearch to speak your mind.

      God Bless America!

      • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

        When people are “appointed” for a position they are an extension of that persons agenda. The luxury of freedom of speech is not given to people who represent someone else’s opinion. Take the instance of certain employment….freedom of speech is not afforded certain employees due to contractual agreement of who or what they represent.
        I represent myself, my own opinions, freedom of speech for me is a luxury. Some people cannot (or should not) in certain capacities express their free speech if it is in conflict with the person they represent. It is a fine line.

        As for the meetings, perhaps you have me confused with someone else… Or maybe you are just guessing as to who has been where or watched what.

        As for the yucca valley sewer problem….his opinion doesn’t effect me either way. He knows nothing of the people in the phases he claims to speak out for..it’s not his money…his property…or his problem. His self appointed advocacy for the people in yucca valley is growing old.

        • The old and poor need all the advocates they can get…they are going to need it. $17,000 liens on their homes in Phase One of the sewer adding approximately $150 per month.

          • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

            I might be guessing here but it sounds like your reference is to phase 1?
            How amazing that you equate the old and poor to only living in a certain area.

            With friends like that who needs enemy’s eh?

            Must look awful different up there on that joshua springs hill.

          • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

            Again you missed the point…
            It doesn’t matter where the old or poor live (as you call them) 17.00 May as well be 17,000.00
            When you’re on a budget or when you just don’t have 2 nickels to rub together.

            • Looks like we DO agree on that point of not having two nickles to rub together.

              I use the plain words of “poor” and “old” to boil it down to the basics. I am tired of fancy tiers to describe the “economically challenged” such as low income, low-mod income juxtaposed to the poverty level.

              The sewer Phase One is troublesome if you live in Yucca Valley or have any compassion for those elderly-low income seniors that magically congregated in the down town area.

              The approximate $10,000+ sewer lien on their mobile homes exceed the value. This sewer assessment will become the starting point of the ethnic cleansing of Phase One, their only ethnicity is trying to survive on a fixed income…low income, that is.

              We’re getting squeezed out on this thread that started out about Freedom of Speech.

  2. Damn Dawgers Damn Dawgers says:

    Way to go Margo…I agree with you a 100%. We all have the right to disagree with someone else’s opinions we also have the right to agree. That is if we are allowed to voice our opinions, my opinion only. I’ve been reading Dave’s comments for years now and granted there are times I wasn’t sure as to what he was saying, but that was my ignorance that quite get it, duhhh.
    People need to listen to what Dave is relaying to them before they find themselves in the predicament he’s trying to warn them of.
    I could say “fee fi fo fum” and someone out there would be challenging me!
    Respectfully, Damn Dawgers

  3. govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

    I got a better idea Margot….put down the binders and walk the roads of phase 1 stop labeling people to better your agenda.
    What you need to know about people in phase 1 you won’t learn at a hdwd or yvtc meeting.

  4. @govcodesearch:

    As a matter of fact, there were 2,100 persons personally contacted in Phase I during the Recall movement. Tiny homes with old couches that were quickly cleared to make room to sit and visit, yet were so pleased that someone came to hear their concerns. How many have YOU met with?

    This evening the HDWD revealed 17% of Yucca Valley residents are living at or below the poverty level based on the last census. There are 750 households meeting this criteria in Phase One. I did not see you there at that meeting or previous meetings either.

    60% of Phase One are vacant lots. There are 18 commercial businesses up for sale in Phase One on triple-net leases unable to pass through the increases to their tenants…resulting in 38 small businesses set to go out of business in Phase One.

    You see govcodesearch, as much as you may want to throw barbs & daggers at me…I do know a lot about what is going on.

    It is you that needs to get up to speed. When you do, I will be happy to continue this dialog with you…until then, please stay out of the way…Thanks! Have a nice life. ;)

  5. govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

    Unlike you, I have a vested interest in phase 1. So keep sitting up there on your hill pretending no one knows phase 1 people like you do.
    You see, you call them poor or old, we call them family, friends, neighbors.

    • @govcodesearch,

      You’re beating a dead horse. The word “poor” and “old” are perfectly acceptable terms.Inventing distractions is unacceptable. Stay with the issues.

      • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

        I’ve never understood why the one who responds to the comments are the ones usually called out for being off topic. The original off topic person should be the one instructed to stay with the topic not the defender of the comment.

        • Dear govcodesearch,

          I AM one of those old and my Social Security check is $250 per month which 50% goes to pay my health insurance.

          Buying and selling properties in my youth did not require that I contribute into the Social Security program as a private developer. I am surprised the Social Security program has survived…although, the prognosis is not too bright.

          You are still employed and earning a very good salary…I might add. Good for you, that is how the cookie crumbles.

          I have no regrets and I am not complaining…what good would that do at this point?

          Since you have never walked one block in MY boots, I suggest you take your bitterness down the road and look into the mirror. Ask yourself, why are you so bitter?

          My concerns are for the elderly and low income. You don’t seem to “Get It,” which reflects either your unbridled youth or antagonistic middle age mindset bordering on jealousy.

          My 1/4 acre vacant commercial lot in the Old Town area is being assessed at $12,000, the same amount as a 20 acre vacant commercial parcel. Doesn’t seem quite fair to me…that’s how the cookie crumbles.

          I purchased the lot with a credit card at the time so I can either walk from the property or struggle to keep it. It provides no income to put any food on my table and the annual assessment fees exceed my annual taxes on that property.
          It is merely a business decision at this point without any emotion.

          The emotion comes in when I know our senior citizens in Phase One have no other options. They thought they could buy a little house up here in Yucca Valley and live out their lives on their Social Security checks…not!

          So govcodesearch, take your pity pot down the road and know that I am not living on any “hill,” as you state, unaware of the needs of many of our citizens.

          Spend some time as a volunteer for Reach Out Morongo Basin or Hospice to help our seniors and open your eyes to their needs as I have.

          Your anger is misguided and I will not allow you to dump on me or towards me anymore. You need to take a time-out and work on the root of your anger.

          I wish you well, life is too short and I still have lot’s of volunteering to do to help those less fortunate.

  6. govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

    I invited you into the neighborhood of phase 1, then it turned ugly.

    I’m telling you as a resident of phase 1 I accept to move forward there has to be change.

    As for my employment…again you must have me confused with someone else. I am self employed.

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