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Is the council finally getting the message…

By   /   May 30, 2014  /   7 Comments

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TWENTYNINE PALMS – The TPWD and TPFD are no longer pulling punches. They are pissed at the city council and they are finally speaking out against a dubious and reckless council that spews hype, double-speaks and points fingers at other entities or individuals for their (the council’s) failures.

Wednesday night was an obvious a turning point for the water board and the fire department. They unmasked and challenged the council. City council members are becoming desperate and  – jointly and severably – are in denial and covering their arses on public safety and public criticism.

They are beginning to getting to get the message… the public’s trust has faded and their decisions are genuinely in issue and being questioned. I think the city council is beginning to get a clue that they are not the darling of the Morongo Basin as they would like to be though of. This had to be evident at the TPWD meeting Wednesday and the council meeting Tuesday. The TPWD directors just couldn’t contain their frustration any longer with the council. The directors let them have it and called it as they see it.

TPWD Director Bourikas stated, “This is juvenile,” referring to the attics and games the council was playing. The council wants a PAPER WORK JOINT MEETING where they ask questions on paper. This is not leadership. It is as Director Bourikas saw it, obfuscation in the extreme form AND stonewalling.

The council’s CYA and denial mode was apparent this morning when Harris called in to the Up Close show. Harris began his reelection campaign this morning on the  show. Now Harris is once again for “all the voters, he snidely slightly Joe  Guzzetta without disclosing what Joe was being criticized for. However, Harris now blames the loss of the pubic’s trust on Joe. How absurd is that?

Departed City Manager Joe Guzzetta was treated very shoddy and disrespectful by Harris this morning. Mr. Guzzetta was warned by numerous people to watch his back with this council. Now they are trashing Mr. Guzzetta in public and private, blaming Mr. Guzzetta for the public’s lack of trust.

Blaming Joe Guzzetta is a cowardly act.  I urge everyone to listen to the Up Close show.  It’ll  be a wakeup call on just how sick this council really is. They are desperate because they just now understand they have lost the public trust. Harris painted a picture on the Up Close show that he (Harris) is working to restore the public trust. Harris will lead you to believe he is open with the public. Harris is what is wrong with this city.

Watch this guy Harris. He is in campaign mode. Wear high boots.

On the Up Close show this morning, Harris fell to an all-time-low. The host of the show, Gary Daigneault, asked the hard questions that Harris didn’t field very well. In fact Daigneault tore into Harris. When Daigneault finished with Harris, Harris needed a protagonist to put himself back together.. Harris was asked why the secrecy, why they (the council) treated the public like children? Why they were acting like the council is separate entity from the public or the city.  Daigneault accused Harris of “driving the public away” and “treating them,” as Daigneault said, “like children”.

Indeed, Harris kicked off his reelection campaign this morning.  Now Harris is once again recycling his old campaign ditty: I will represent all the voters.” Harris snidely slightly Joe Guzzetta without disclosing what Joe was being criticized for.

But Harris now blames Guzzetta for the loss of the pubic’s trust. The only thing Harris is transparent on is his self-righteousness drive to want you to believe he is your friend on the council.

Harris has not shown not one iota of leadership.  He tells you what you want to hear and spin everything with a heavy blend of secrecy as if the public and taxpayers are a bunch of goats.

This council is pointing fingers at everyone –  the TPWD, the TPFD, Joe Guzzetta, Steve Spear, Cactus Thorns. Thanks goodness, the TPFD and the TPWD has finally had it with these double-talking puffed-up pigeons.

Cora Heiser is a hoax. Her platform of reform was a fraud. Surely, she must be aware of this… where she ended up going along to get along, or she says one thing and do another. Cora is NOT the same person you voted for. Heiser pulled her usual stunt, saying one thing and doing the opposite during the Tuesday council meeting and Wednesday’s TPWD/TPFD meetings.

One local citizen said this in the Desert Trail:

“What I find more troublesome is Cora Heiser.

She votes on Tuesday night to NOT have a joint meeting agreeing to have the water board answer questions.

Yet she shows up on Wednesday night at the water board meeting and states “I want a full meeting, like adults, to discuss what’s best for Twentynine Palms,” Heiser said. “I don’t know which direction we’re going to go, I just want to get us to the dance.”

Huh? She wants a full meeting after she was against a full meeting until the water board kneels to the council by answering questions and then she is for a full meeting so we can get “to the dance”?

This is not a “dance” nor a game to be played with words.

We are talking about human lives here.”

Steve Spear, former 2-term 29 Palms City Council Member

Even the Desert Trail who has been very supportive of this council is seemingly fed up with their double-talk and secrecy: In an editorial a few days ago the newspaper wrote:

“Either way, “we wanted to go in another direction,” is not sufficient.? [This is the same point  Z107.7 was making.] Adding, “Even if Guzzetta himself does not deserve more of an explanation, the people of Twentynine Palms need to know more about why the council opted to throw city administration into the turmoil… .” The entire performance of the council is “not good enough”.

The public is waking up and the local news media is starting to hold the council responsible for their actions, inactions, mistakes and erroneous information the council so love to disseminate.

Harris made clear this council’s spending binge will continues, and they shall to do what they want to do WITHOUT PUBLIC INPUT.

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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. When the TRAIL writes, “The entire performance of the council is “not good enough, ”” it’s is a red flag for change.

    If the public trust is to be restored, Harris and Mintz have to go. We have an obstructionest city council who is dangerously out of touch with the city’s needs (such as public safety, rampaged spending, pandering to special elite local people and organizations, neglected infrastructure, the absence of street signs along the downside of east Donnell Hill) and the general public as a whole. Our city council has dementia and is need of an antidote.

    Wanna bet any council forum will be structured so as Harris and Mintz are not asked embarrassed questions about their controversial and costly performance on the council. There will be a buffer zone between the public and the incumbents seeking reelection.

  2. While other smaller towns and cities directly connect with the public, the 29 council is mired in their divisional and delusional projects the public has shown they are not interested in.

    Fontana for example has asked their public these questions:
    “What do you think about the city of Fontana, and what can we improve?” Edgar said about questions to be included in the survey.
    Additional questions will focus on what residents think about Fontana’s overall quality of life, whether the community is satisfied with city departments, activities, projects and what activities and projects are not offered in the city.


  3. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    I wish that they were but they are not.

    Harris’s lack of skill against Gary is clear and maybe just maybe things will turn around.

    I do not fault Theatre 29 to look for bigger and better things if they can get it. That is the name of the game.

    Here are my points on each of the councilmembers. Agree or disagree that is fine but these are my thoughts.

    Jim Harris – has not brought one new idea to the city. He is very capable of spewing non descript and vague thoughts and pontificating on very loose non connected toughts but his words have no substance.

    Danny Mintz – not much to say except that he is out of his league as a council member. He performed badly as a planning commissioner and is doing worse yet as a councilmember.

    Joel Klink – He has simply been there too long and he has lost touch with why he was elected in the first place. He along with Elaine Brunall were elected to stop the city in its ever incredible rules and regulations in regards to the hot topic of the day at that time “Thomas Towing”.

    Elaine left but Joel stayed and I have supported his position until now. He has lost the understanding of why he got there in the first place.

    Jay Corbin – best council member there is. I do not agree with him on several issues but he is clear and knowing of what he wants.

    Cora Heiser – a complete failure on every level. Says one thing and then changes her mind to do another thing. Shakes and squeals when in public and then just folds to whatever pressure the leader on the council – Jay Corbin – directs.

    She is a total waste of our votes and I for one can not wait until 2016 when she is GONE.

  4. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    I just listened to the show that Z107.7 puts on.

    Jim Harris you are a piece of work!

    You are the biggest non leading failure ever.

    Post was edited after I calmed down.

  5. Steve, I have been observing Harris on the political and psychological level for a long while. I don’t know Harris personally so I can be objective in that regard: Harris is windbag. Watch out for self-righteous small town petty windbags like Harris. He stabbed Joe Guzzetta in the back (Cactus Thorns warned Joe would get stabbed in the back). Harris’ feigned compassion, he twisted reality and the bullshit alert went off while on the Up Close. It was so bloody obvious. Now Harris wants you to believe that he (Harris) is your only friend behind the iron curtain of secrecy at city hall.

    Steve, Harris’ character performance on the Up Close shows was a telling tale, wasn’t it? It was an outrage and disgusting. Your strong comment is a reasonable reaction to Harris’ toxicity. So don’t feel bad for posting your comment. Harris’ political platform as disclosed on the show is to be open and transparent. That’s akin to his his old stale campaign promise to “represent all the people”. That never materialized. Gary played Harris like a violin with niceness and tough questions and, in doing so, unmasked this city council phony. Here is the LINK to Up Close show:

    The way to bench Harris is at the polls. Steve, you can retire Harris from politics should you take out papers and run for council.

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