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Upland City Manager Vacancy…Nuaimi?

By   /   May 31, 2014  /   Comments Off

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warren_nuamiUpland, Ca.,- (OPINION) CT readers, please forward this post to the unpopular fired ex-town manager/politician, Mark Nuaimi, so he may rush in with his stellar resume. There is a vacancy for the position of City Manager in Upland. 

As the City of Upland struggles to avoid bankruptcy, Nuaimi can ride the gravy train for a short run as manager and then offer to “lay himself off” to save money for Upland…heh, that’s what he pulled off in Colton with a big fat severance package.

Heh…he parted with another fat severance package when he was fired from Yucca Valley. Appointed Yucca Valley Councilman Merl Abel signed Nuaimi’s severance package of over $126,666, a parting gift of tax dollars!

Acquanetta Warren, the elected Mayor of Fontana in the above photo with Mark Nuaimi, works for the City of Upland and could give her BFF a wonderful referral. Will she suggest Nuaimi be kept away from dealing with any dog pound scenarios?

Oh yes, let’s be sure Nuaimi has a warm and fuzzy referral from JP too!

Run Nuaimi Run! 


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