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Will Yucca Valley Allow Bedroom Tattoo Shops?

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Yucca Valley, Ca.,-If you care about your neighborhood, please attend the Home Occupation Workshop this Tuesday May 27, 2014, at 6 PM in the Yucca Valley Community Center.

Tim Humphreville, the Chair of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission fancies himself the leader on the dais instead of a rotating Chair that is only in charge of conducting meetings, not setting policy or casting any veto vote.

Background: The truth is, he was NEVER on the list, any list, to be appointed by Councilman Robert Lombardo, also appointed to fill a vacant seat left open by the exiting Councilman Frank Luckino.  Dubbed “Luckino’s Leftovers,” the unpopular ex-Town Manager/Politician Mark Nuaimi leaned on Lombardo to keep Humphreville on the dais as Planning Commissioner.

The truth is, Humphreville is not capable of conducting meetings and his short fused hot temper is a bad reflection on the rest of the commissioners. Raised in the shadow of his older, more successful twin brother, Tim has several nervous ticks and a problem with anger management.  His hostility towards women and elder citizens must be a result of his deep seated insecurities that will require long term professional help.

Avon, Guns or Bedroom Tattoo Shops? Humphreville stated he would support ANY home occupation that is legally allowed…be it selling Avon or Assault Rifles and ammunition. What about the newest cottage industry…Bedroom Tattoo Shops?

SalonNews.com-SAN FRANCISCO — Twenty-year-old Jerome Noveras from Daly City, Calif., lives in the heart of San Francisco’s Sunset district with his nine roommates. It’s the kind of house where every time you glance at the couch in the living room there are at least two new people on it who seemed to appear out of nowhere, lounging back comfortably, their eyes glued to something on the TV.

The room where he and his girlfriend live in the back of the house is typical for a couple in their early 20s. There’s a PlayStation 3 that sits humming by a TV with “Law and Order SVU” idle on the screen.

What’s not typical is the tattooing equipment on a workbench with his tattoo designs and his girlfriends’ colorful Hello Kitty cards sharing the same wall space above.

Noveras, a high school graduate, is part of a generation coming of age in the Great Recession where jobs are more than scarce. With the unemployment rate for 18- to 24-year-olds now running at more than 20 percent, young people increasingly look outside the formal economy to make a livelihood. As Noveras has discovered, there is more opportunity in the shadow economy.

He has had a few jobs at tattoo shops in the city, but for one reason or
 another they didn’t work out. He figured what better place to pursue his dream than in his bedroom. For the rest of this story>LINK





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