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HDWD Sarann Graham’s “Bambi Slap in the Face”

By   /   May 21, 2014  /   Comments Off

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Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Wow! It seems Hi-Desert Water District Director Sarann Graham just can’t keep her mouth shut! Having the position of NOT facing any reelection this November, or never again, as this is her last term of office, Graham continues to step in “it” again.

Last evening, at the Town Council meeting, she spoke during Public Comments to inform the Council of the upcoming count of homeless individuals and also reported on the sewer out-reach meetings. She thanked only one member on the dais for attending without regard or mention of others that have attended.  I guess if she didn’t see them, they must not have attended.  Graham stated “the numbers keep growing at each meeting” referring to the dismal attendance at the Out Reach meetings.  I guess if you want to make those claims when the maximum number has yet to exceed 12, this is a stretch when the original numbers hovered around 8.

For some reason, she again felt “enticed,” her words not mine used in a previous letter to the Editor, to state the “unfounded” charges against the Directors of the HDWD were a slap in the face of the voters.

No Sarann, the statements are a reflection of the public’s confidence, or rather, lack thereof, of the Directors and Staff at the HDWD.  Graham’s personal penchant for spending Public Funds in pursuit of her own special interests gifting a $10,000 garden to Brehm Park and her efforts to place her residence (& adjoining lot) into Phase Two reflects poorly on this politician. From the very first designs of the sewer project, the Country Club Estates were ALWAYS the first point of the flow of “it” starting from the west side.

Graham’s excessive use of attending authorized meetings is only restrained by the maximum limit allowed of 10 meetings per month at $125.00 each. Her desire to travel to Sacramento has been exposed in past posts as she arranged for other “exceptions” to the rules to CYHA to be approved by the Board, as suggested by the incompetent General Manager, Ed Muzik.

Graham’s recent letter to the editor also reflects the level of her mentality to reference a quote in the movie of “Bambi.” OMG! This Director is making decisions on a multi-million dollar sewer project and she quotes “Thumper’s Rule?” See letter AND reader comments here>LINK

Does she not remember Director Bob Stadum’s ethics warning letters and $3000.00 fine imposed by the FPPC, Fair Political Practices Commission? Did she forget the conversation she had with the office of the Attorney General regarding the 1090 violations by the ex-CFO/AGM Frank Luckino of holding two conflicting positions on the town council and HDWD?Isn’t she participating in ANOTHER visit of the HDWD (again!) to construct the sewer project in-house when it was unanimously rejected by all the HDWD Board members?

Graham’s stated concerns as a 12 year politician was never to have any “egg on her face.” Yep, that’s what politicians think about, not about being a public servant. The Hi-Desert Star allowed this Director to answer directly to Mr. David Peach in her letter to the Editor as a personal attack while not allowing anyone else to make such statements.  Again, the “Bubble People” hard at work to protect their own with double standards.

Thank you Mr. Peach for continuing to enlighten all readers and those posting comments. And thank you Hi-Desert Star for actually printing Graham’s foolish letter.  I haven’t laughed this hard since someone suggested pulling Recall papers on Director Graham to speed up her early retirement off the HDWD dais.

“Thumper’s Rules?”…unbelievable!




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Yucca Valley Editor

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