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Johnson Valley OHV Report: Part II

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Johnson Valley, Ca.,-Betty Munson attended the May 7th meeting with the BLM and the USMC regarding the shared-use of the Johnson Valley Off-Road area. She writes:

For those who might stray over the new Marine Base borders:The “triangle” in the north is connected to the western exclusive public access by a road. It is counted in the acreage cited for the OHV Recreation Area. The shared-use border was moved southward from the old OHV Open Riding Area Line. A narrow corridor links Means Lake with Soggy. North of the Rockpile is a no-go.

We must make sure that our guests unfamiliar with the terrain do not trespass. Easy to do.

The Objectives map shows three sites, but only two will actually be chosen. There are GPS coordinates beside each Objective symbol but you have to zoom in to read them. The map shows a lot of black crisscrossing lines, these are trails largely mapped from aerial views. The BLM has a disclaimer as to accuracy of the map…

BLM-USMC_MEETING,_MAP USMC common ground map

The following is information forwarded by Helen Baker from Ray Pessa of the Friends of Giant Rock He and Mike Hawkins were at the meeting and were probably the people most familiar with the territory under discussion. They plan to visit the Objectives soon. No comment until they confirm these estimates.

Objective 1 is approximately 3.7 miles east of Means Dry Lake thru Pummel Pass in an area we call music mountain cuz the iron content in the lava rock makes them ring when hit with other rocks. Its also the location of a permanent  BBQ pit put there about 30 years ago in the rock wall of a wash.It’s pretty clear that objective sites 2 and 3 are in the valley north of Mean Dry Lake.
2 is just off the Back Door [one of the Hammers

Trails] 1/2 mile.
Objective 3 is 1.89 miles northeast of objective 2.  (as the crow flies)
OK, now you know everything we were told. Stay tuned.
30,000 gather for King of the Hammers

30,000 gather for King of the Hammers

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