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Endorsements are sometimes hard on friendships

By   /   May 15, 2014  /   Comments Off

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In the world of our founding fathers, our legislative leaders came from the ranks of community from where they lived, worked and served. There was no need for political parties or Cabals of any sort.  Unfortunately our little experiment in small “r” republicanism soon brought about political parties. At times the differences manifested in those political viewpoints broke out into violence. I am prompted to remember Hamilton and the May 22, 1856, Caning of Senator Charles Sumner. Until further notice we are stuck with a miserably inefficient and unfair two party system.

The California Primary system was a great Idea.  The problem is, our districts are not drawn for practical constituency, but for perpetuation of the  political status quo.


The 42nd Assembly District is one of those districts that will always be (in this case) Republican. As much as I think the world of Democrat Contender, Karlee Hargrove she has a very slim chance to get into a run off, let alone win. Do I think of her as a solid and viable choice….. Yes I do. I consider her one of the best political minds in the area. I consider her and her husband friends of Cactus Thorns and to myself. Would I support her in any future nonpartisan race? I’d be the first to raise my hand and offer my support. But not this time.

The remaining contenders are two Republican candidates, Political insider, Chad Mayes and former Palm Springs Police Chief, Gary Jeandron.

The clear and obvious choice for the 42nd Assembly Seat is Gary Jeandron.

Jeandron has the overwhelming support the Lower Desert. A recent poll suggests that he would receive 61% of the vote if it were held today. With a huge and diverse base of endorsements, Mr. Jeandron’s community reach is enormous. He appears to have the almost universal support of the law enforcement community.

I’ve looked at his record as a public servant and have become impressed with his wholesome respect for our common values.


Gary Jeandron is not corrupted by local crony politics.


I have a good feeling about  the future of the 42nd Assembly District with Gary Jeandron at the helm.

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Dan OBrien


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