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PE Endorses in DA and Sheriff’s Races: Ramos & McMahon

By   /   May 11, 2014  /   1 Comment

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Sharon Gilbert, Administrator of IEPolitics.com posted this short article on her blog with links to each endorsement by the Press Enterprise for San Bernardino and Riverside County. There have been 1,561 views and 30 comments. For further reading and information on the Riverside County endorsements of Paul Zellerbach for DA and Sheriff Sniff see her post>link

PRESS ENTERPRISE: Ramos for San Bernardino County District Attorney

The contentious race for San Bernardino County district attorney pits three-term incumbent Michael Ramos against longtime county prosecutor Grover Merritt. Merritt has charged that Ramos engages in favoritism when it comes to promotions and has fostered low employee morale, while Ramos has criticized Merritt for inaccuracies in his ballot statement and has accused him of accepting campaign donations from the head developer of the Colonies housing development, who is involved in an ongoing corruption case.

There is quite a bit of bad blood and office politics involved in this race. In 2004, Ramos fired Merritt, alleging he leaked information on high-profile cases to the press. Merritt claims that someone else in the office made the leaks, and that he was framed because Ramos expected Merritt to challenge him in the next election. Merritt filed a wrongful termination lawsuit and a court found in his favor. As a result, Merritt ended up getting his job back, plus a settlement of about $300,000.

Dirty politics aside, these editorial pages endorse Michael Ramos for his stated commitments to victims’ services and fighting gang crime, and his early effort to navigate the issues stemming from the state’s prison realignment program. For the rest of this story>link


PRESS ENTERPRISE: McMahon for San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner

The race for San Bernardino County sheriff-coroner features current Sheriff John McMahon, who was appointed to the post in December 2012 to fill the seat of retiring Sheriff Rod Hoops. McMahon now faces his first election for the office, against veteran Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Paul Schrader and private investigator, publisher and retired San Bernardino County and Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy Clifton Harris.

These editorial pages feel that John McMahon has done an admirable job as sheriff, particularly considering the challenges posed by the state’s prison realignment, and we endorse his candidacy. We feel that his objective to prepare the department’s budget for the next downturn is prudent, and that his focus on rehabilitative programs, such as working with the county fire department to develop inmate fire crews, partnering with CSU San Bernardino to teach parenting skills and reunite inmates with their children and utilizing the InROADS program to help inmates obtain GEDs and develop job and life skills, would serve him well in another term. For the rest of this story>link


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1 Comment

  1. disduke disduke says:

    “He doesn’t talk to people on the phone”… That’s what I was told when I tried to call ramos concerning one of his plea bargain kings (henretty) here in JT screwing over a VICTIM who just wanted his day in court, by doing a “closed door” deal with the criminal and then didn’t even have the nuts (henretty) to call the victim to tell him! We found out on the internet the next day! Is this how ramos is tough on crime? So I agree, time for a new DA who will not let his lawyers screw the victim of a crime so for 1, they can call it a win and then 2, not “talk to people on the phone” and 3, because it involves a cop who lied on his police report to save his “friend”, the one assailant (there were 4 others involved who they didn’t go after) who I had to threaten to go to the papers and news channels to even get him arrested!!!! Oh yes, Im an angry mom who hasn’t let this go due to the fact that ramos office was supposed to fight for my son and they didn’t!!!!!!

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