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The Desert Trail Editorial-Lipsitz Needs to Remove Some Hats

By   /   May 7, 2014  /   4 Comments

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TheDesertTrail.com- A recent Editorial on the appointment of Mike Lipsitz to the position of Field Representative to Supervisor James Ramos points out his glaring positions of “working in opposite directions.”

While not exactly calling out any “Conflict of Interest” to hold all the positions he does…Radio reporter, Field Representative, Chairman of the Big MAC and recently stepping down as President of the Democratic Club, this Editorial focuses on his incompatible positions.

“We also feel he should step away from his work at chairman of the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Committee. Like the job of journalist and the job of government representative are often at odds with one another, the job of representing a county supervisor and the job of representing his constituents would put Lipsitz in a position of working in opposite directions.”

Please see this link for the complete editorial>link

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  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    I tend to agree.

  2. Robert Nelson Robert Nelson says:

    Haven’t Gary and the staff of KCDZ been doing the job of “PR TOOL” for local and county government for years? What difference does it make now that one of them is actually OFFICIALLY working for one of the government entities they’ve been friendly with in the past?

    Our local papers have been offering the same “PR TOOL” service for local councils, water districts, police (sheriff) departments and town “leaders.” Maybe no employees have received a paycheck from those in local government they are especially friendly with … but let’s not pretend that nobody associated with the papers has benefited from the love fest.

    Calling out Mr. Lipsitz for a conflict of interest while ignoring the conflict the local papers have … the failure of the local papers to report what makes the owners and their friends uncomfortable … that’s pretty lame (but certainly not surprising.)

  3. Lipsitz is being paid by our tax dollars for 40 hours a week.

    When he sits for hours at a meeting of the Morongo Valley CSD, the hospital board, the college board, the Big MAC and now recently attending the Pioneertown Homeowners Association, he is representing Supervisor James Ramos and getting paid on our dime.

    Liptsitz then turns in his time to the radio station @$10 an hour (cash?) as a non-biased reporter, to include studio time needed to record his 30 second clip.

    Add in his disability payments and he seems to be bringing in the dough. Pretty sweet deal for him…what about us taxpayers?

  4. Robert Nelson Robert Nelson says:

    I wrote my comment with the assumption that Mr. Lipsitz has enough sense to know that he should not be working for a radio station whose job it is to be giving the public unbiased information about his boss and county business. Surely he understands that his OTHER boss, Gary, has already shown that he thinks nothing of going to the county supervisors for bags of money to fund his pet projects and that having Mr. Lipsitz on his payroll may make him think he’s got an “in” so that he can back up his car and load up his trunk with more taxpayer money from the supervisor’s office.

    My intent was to shame the local paper for pretending they’ve not taken advantage of their own connections in local government. I did, however, momentarily forget that those folks at the paper have no shame.

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