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42nd Assembly Race, Part II

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Assembly District 42 Part II: Observations of political insiders evaluating the candidates:

Political insiders refer to the boundaries as the East Side vs the West Side with Morongo Valley in the “No Man’s Land,”with very few votes from this Hi Desert Region.

Candidate Chad Mayes, Chief of Staff for SB Supervisor Janice Rutherford and Congressman Paul Cook’s underling, will rely heavily on his endorsements from the East Side, having no name recognition and viewed as a wanna-be career politician still wet behind the years. Having been reelected to the Yucca Valley Town Council, Mayes resigned with almost a full term remaining to accept the Staff position for Rutherford.  Having “jumped ship” for this opportunity, Mayes set his home town off to a downward spiral under the leadership of the ex-unpopular Town Manager/politician, Mark Nuaimi, with Mayes signature as Mayor on Nuaimi’s employment contract.  Mayes faces a formidable fellow Republican opponent from the West Side, who was not open to withdrawing from the race…for the good of the Party.

The “Wild Card” in this race, I am told by those in the political business of evaluating candidates, is the Democrat Candidate, Karalee Hargrove. While surely viewed as the under-dog based on her campaign funds available, she is wearing out her shoe leather with one-on-one grass roots campaigning, as a non-politician asking for the votes. As a fresh face vying for the large Democrat voter bases in the East Side and West Side, she is appealing to those who are sick and tired of career politicians. The local Morongo Basin Democratic Club has surpassed 300 members, compared to the anemic membership total of 60 for the Morongo Basin Republican Club, will be a major factor in getting the vote out in this predominately Republic basin.

The Yucca Valley Republican Women’s Federated Club, led by two-term President L. Hillary Slotta recently changed their name to the Morongo Basin Republicans and has aligned with a local PAC, Political Action Committee, formed by Chad Mayes. The Morongo Basin Lincoln Club donated $4,100 to the campaign fund of Chad Mayes on March 21, 2013. Here is a link to their list expenditures, including payments to the web designer, YV Councilman George Huntington’s son, and two checks payable to Yucca Valley Republican Women in the amount of $700 total.>link Councilman George Huntington Donated $1,000 to Congressman’s Paul Cook’s campaign…who donated to the Lincoln Club and Chad Mayes campaign.

Did the Republican Women’s Club Lose Their Way?>LINK

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