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Questions for the Phab Project Phoenix Pholks

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Twentynine Palms, Ca.,- Just curious folks.  I attended the early outreach meeting years ago about Project Phoenix. I asked about the sewer system the city was going to install at “no cost to the surrounding businesses” in the project and asked about the associated maintenance costs.  I was told by ex-City Manager, Richard Warne, the City was going to pay for everything. (Please know, you will not find this printed in any of the hand-out literature nor was this presentation televised or recorded.)

Then I made note of the properties currently on the city tax rolls and those producing sales tax that were targeted to be gobbled up by eminent domain for Project Phoenix. A proposed strolling promenade and gathering center with a large water fountain feature was going to be placed at the back of the existing restaurants and businesses causing them to place their new entrance and outdoor seating facing this Community Promenade that may hold Art Shows or other events. 

However, NO ONE had an answer to where the delivery trucks would be parked to unload the products necessary for the businesses and restaurants.  Someone suggested, God forbid, these large trucks could be parked on the main highway to unload their wares using the current frontage, which used to be their main entrance.

I am aware the local radio station and Councilman Harris were completely ecstatic about the ruling by the judge in their favor of the “City” bonds, by the way, while others remained quiet on the matter. If that is the case…here are my questions:

1. Why did the 29Palms Council go into closed session to discuss litigation against the state Department of Finance? Are you planning to appeal their ruling that was supposedly in your favor?

2. Removing properties off the tax roll will reduce the tax funds received and I did not see any feature that would be a large tax revenue source. Will the Promenade produce income for the City to pay for the bonds?

3. Which department will manage the sewer system or will that require hiring new staff?

4. Who is going to pay for the insurance, electricity, water and maintenance of the gymnasium/auditorium and Promenade?

5. How is the City going to pay for all these added expenses AND pay the bond holders without any increased revenue from Project Phoenix?

Watching this from afar…I’m just curious about the source of income that will be required to pay the bondholders.  May I hear from anyone to these questions I ask? Thanking you in advance…




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