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Who Appointed Timmy Humphreville as Spokeman for the Sewer Project?

By   /   April 21, 2014  /   Comments Off

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Tim Big Mouth


Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Wet behind the ears and possibly embarrassingly elsewhere, Timothy Dean Humphreville, aka the accidental Yucca Valley Planning Commission Chair Timmy, has appointed himself to be the spokesman for the Yucca Valley sewer project with comments in his usual condescending manner to concerned citizens who are more informed than he could ever dream of sleeping on his vinyl or satin bedsheets.

Chair Humphreville, who remained on the Planning Commission as Luckino’s Leftovers thanks to Nuaimi leaning on the appointed Councilman Robert Lombardo, carried on as the ex-unpopular fired town manager’s “mouthpiece” by posting his assigned “parrot” talking points as his own thoughts.Timmy NEVER produced the document he touted prior to the defeat of Measure U because there never was a “lease.” His exact quotes on Cactus Thorns reflecting his stupidity are sitting on the sidelines waiting for his move in an attempt to buy a seat on the Council.

Timmy’s duties as  “Nuaimi’s mouthpiece” remained strictly as the foisting of his verbal mumbles compared to another “mouthpiece” dealing with personal orifices…both remain detrimental to the well being of the Town of Yucca Valley citizens and public financial public resources as of this date.

Humphreville is the worst example of an uneducated yellow-belly punk lacking any respect for the sage wisdom of the older generation. Having launched an attack on the elder statesman Planning Commissioner Warren Lavender, as an “anonymous complaint” to the Recall target Councilman Robert Lombardo, who dodged the bullet this time, Humphreville sniveled that “he didn’t tell on him.” Another lie by this embarrassment to our community who should have been tossed out along with the spineless Lombardo who was not capable of appointing his own qualified commissioner. Story >LINK

This action caught the eye of the local Morongo Basin Democratic Club,now surpassing 300 membership compared to the dwindling Republican Club hitting a new low of 50% membership renewals of only 42, that they discussed a Resolution in support of Warren Lavender affirming their stance against Age Discrimination. (Humphreville’s political party affiliation according to the last Voter Registration is listed as…AI.)

Humphreville’s only contributions to the Planning Commission are his concerns regarding his own properties as the little brother of Humphreville Creative Homes, a spec home builder. While he beats his hairless chest that he is going to run for the office of Town Council and boasting he plans to spend over $35,000 of his own money on the campaign, he has not pulled any papers or organized any committee.

Extremist liberalism is being spread like the plague, instead of true education, our young are being taught how to bring down this country!”-Words opined by the uneducated Humphreville…or his ghost writer due to his limited vocabulary. 

Someone should inform the Hi-Desert Water District that Humphreville’s comments are destined to doom the sewer assessment…then again, perhaps there is no cure for his chronic self-infected case of diarrhea of the mouth.








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