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Much Ado about Nothing: Two Curtain Warming Babbling Buffoons

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April 20,  2014 | OP-Ed

Twentynine Palms, CA  -  During airing of the April 4 Close Up show babbling buffoons – Councilman Jim Harris and host Gary Daigneault –talked little about nothing. It was a feel good drama that punk’d. At the very end of the show Harris called in. Their short exchange served-up a fluffy mass of mush about gotta have Project Phoenix kind of thing. It was a laughable display cornball clownery.  Let’s just jump right into this:

Gary:  And we are back and there is very little time left in the program, unfortunately. Ah hay Jim you’ve got about about 60 seconds. Yrrr comment today Jim.

Jim:  This is Jim from 29 Palms Garry.   

Gary:  Hi  Jim.

Jim:  That  previous caller I think was Steve Whitman who <pause>  I just want to say he did a ‘treemeendous’ job  on our planning commission for a long time… he’s dead on <ahh> he makes very good points…

Gary:  Ya…

Jim: …About Project Phoenix… I’m looking forward to us going ahead with it <pause> <ahh>… getting this business done that we’ve waited so long for <pause> …*proud for all the people that supported us in the decision to move forward and <pause> and <ahh> with that I think I’ve said enough…but thank you Steve Whitman for the comment <ahh> and I’ll pass those on…

Gary: <garbled> ah ah ah.. That’s cool…That potential would greatly benefit 29 Palms.

Jim:  Absooolutely!

Gary:  I..I..I… Thank you Jim

Gary: And on that ‘that’ that’s going to do it for the Close Up show. That’s all we have for today.

– END –

In theater jargon, Council Member Jim Harris and quasi-lobbyist Theatre 29 Vice President Gary Daignault are Curtain Warmers:  “The lights that are focused on the curtain so that the audience has something to look at before the show starts.”

*We just heard Harris state “[I’m] proud for all the people that supported us in the decision to move forward.” What Harris and the others on the council overlook is that there was/is no public input or vote. The public had and have absolutely no say about tens of millions of dollars of bond debt or Project Phoenix.  Harris, thus, is thanking his cronies. These people have never discussed this matter intelligently or in concrete terms. It’s always unprofessional baby babble.

More remarkable, here is how it would work:  Given the fact that Theatre 29 is a year-around platform, they would continue having ‘exclusive use’ of the city-owned playhouse for rehearsals, while at the same time they would have exclusive control to present live performances at the new playhouse. Both city playhouses would be utilized at the same time by the same fustian clowns.

Gary is looking at retirement down the road. It’s good speculated that he’ll make a pitch to manage the new playhouse and new community center at a hearty government salary. We know waspish Gary gets what he wants. Wouldn’t he love to direct plays and manage the whole deal at public expense? The man has been suckling the public teat so long his lips are puffed-up and chapped.

The playhouse is still up in the air on many different levels. And there is no foundation, no truth or evidence whatsoever that the city would die without a new playhouse and Project Phoenix as those two clowns advocate.

Why bring up Project Phoenix and the playhouse now? Whenever council clowns and cockamamie Gary attempt to assuage the public —  that opens the door for second opinions and rebuttals.

What the public wants is a funded fire department and public safety. They want the council to” fix the debt,” and they want spending cuts and fiscal accountability. While Congressman Cook tells us a government that can’t provide public safety shouldn’t be trusted, TPFD Chief Thompson informs us “[Twentynine Palms] is the only fire department in the county that is protecting a city and we receive no portion of the general tax levy.” That’s “26.4 percent of the general tax levy, the largest percentage received by any city in the county.”

This foolish and monomaniacal council have driven the city to the edge of a fiscal cliff according the Ron Peck, the city’s financial officer. And the council embraces itself in the facade that it’s business as usual.

The sheen of the council has worn off. Twentynine Palms is no longer a representative government. They — along with selfish cronies — have ingurgitated public funds on pipe dreams and adventurous schemes. Twentynine Palms has become like the City of Bell but rather than salaries, its funds have been plundering with little benefit to residents and taxpayers. The city needs a good housecleaning.

The public has been victimized and neglected. Special interest is in the driver’s seat. This entire fiasco is a narcissistic and a pitiful mismanagement of public funds.



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