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HDWD Director Hough Chastises Resident in Audience…Again??

By   /   April 17, 2014  /   Comments Off

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Hough observing the Miss Yucca Valley Court

Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Here we go again!  And the Hi-Desert Water District wonders why citizens do not attend their meetings more often?

A ratepayer with properties located in Phase One and his residence located in the Country Club Estates, identified himself as a past Project Manager for several multimillion dollar projects in the Los Angeles area and offered up his opinion on his observations of the last HDWD meetings that he had attended.  Specifically, he referred to the meeting where the project engineers spoke about the next stage of choosing the bid-build-operate decisions to be made by the District and it appeared, in his opinion, it was like the blind leading the blind.  He also referenced the unprofessional way things were being handled on this multimillion dollar sewer project.

During a presentation of agenda item #6 addressing the award of an appraisal contract for $142,500 to the lowest and most qualified bidder, a light bulb went off in Director Sheldon Hough’s pea-brain and he started to respond to the comments listed above.  Rattling on and on, without regard to the appraiser standing at the lectern, Hough continued to chastise the citizen seated in the audience with HDWD President Mayes failing to call for a point of order.

Hough puffed up his chest and took offense to say he was not blind and he has been studying very hard to understand the material presented.  He always falls back on his profession as a dentist to prove that he had to study very hard to stay abreast of all the changes in dentistry.  (Thank God he didn’t go into his 16 minute dissertation when he arrived in Yucca Valley with his small baby, again…and talk about his trauma when he went through the earthquake experience.)

Hough should watch himself on video to see how ridiculous he appears and that he is out of line to speak down to any citizen for his or her opinion.  I suggest the entire board watch the video of the April 2nd HDWD board meeting where the Staff was presenting the “In-House” costs savings…that were revised at the last minute and the confusion caused by the “estimator,” not an engineer, who delayed the unveiling of the assessment numbers for 3 months. Director Hough is dealing with millions of  ratepayer dollars and the lives of thousands of residents with such unprofessional chaos is a real tragedy that reminds me of…***”Who’s on First?

During this agenda item, the appraiser who was standing at the lectern waiting for her award of a lucrative contract in the amount of $142,500, referred to citizens as “pig-headed” for refusing to settle on the financial compensation for the sewer easements which could delay the timing of the sewer project beyond the 9 months she guesstimated it would take to complete 245 appraisals.  Yep! “Pig-headed” is what she said…not very professional, as I see it!

***Who’s on First?>LINK

April 2nd HDWD meeting>LINK


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