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Elizabeth Karman MAC Appointee-No Friend of the Mesa

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Elizabeth Karman of Landers

“I’ll never lift one finger to help Yucca Mesa Association until I receive an apology from all of you!” -Elizabeth Karman resident of Landers, appointed by Third District Supervisor James Ramos to represent the concerns of Yucca Mesa Community.

Elizabeth Karman…No Friend of Yucca Mesa.

Joshua Tree, Ca.,- As predicted and revealed during the past Big Mac meetings, the “appointment” to represent Yucca Mesa does not live in that community, has NO business within the boundaries set forth by the San Bernardino County within the Yucca Mesa zip code nor is she registered in the proper voting precinct of Yucca Mesa.  Elizabeth Karman is not even in the Hi-Desert Water District, as is 99.8% of Yucca Mesa.  Karman lives in Landers and should stay seated on the dais…to represent her community of Landers.

Yucca Mesa and Desert Heights have no representation on the San Bernardino Municipal Advisory Council, Big MAC, to speak on their behalf regarding roads, pot lucks, fund raisers or commercial solar farms located in their community.

According to the “approved minutes” of their last meeting, it is now confirmed that Karman spoke about her personal piles of compost and touted the ABC’s of water put on by the Mojave Water Agency when it was time to report on the Yucca Mesa Community.  Nothing, nada, zip….about Yucca Mesa!  Once again, Karman stayed true to her sitting on her thumbs at the last Big MAC meeting to report nothing to the council about Yucca Mesa concerns. She has no ties to Yucca Mesa and does not participate in the community meetings as does the MAC members representing Copper Mountain Mesa Association, Morongo Valley Association and the Landers Association.

The Vice-Chair from the Lucerne Valley MAC spoke on behalf of Yucca Mesa to announce their upcoming fund raisers of the popular Poker Run and the Mexican Fiesta being held at the Yucca Mesa Community Association. When it was time to request future agenda items, Karman lost her tongue…again.  A citizen living in Yucca Mesa proposed an agenda item to discuss private roads that were being closed off by residents creating dirt berms or placing rocks to block access.  Other MAC members chimed in with the request as being an important issue to be placed on the agenda while Karman sat in her chair counting the flies on the ceiling.

During the Brown Act presentation to the Big MAC members, Karman claimed she was chastised while seated on the dais and thought that would be grounds to “insist” on closing off public comments.  The County attorney told her “No, the citizens are entitled to their 3 minutes of public comment as long as they address the Council as a whole.”

A review of the You Tube posting of the March MAC meeting confirms that Karman was NOT criticized and in fact, it was Karman who verbally chastised a citizen who was recognized to speak by the MAC Chair.

Here is the video proof this bitter Landers political appointee has no concern for Yucca Mesa>http://youtu.be/C_i3VfouCMw

The April meeting will be posted on You Tube as: Big MAC April



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