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Sunfair Dry Lake Bed ORV Violations

By   /   April 14, 2014  /   2 Comments

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Joshua Tree, CA - Sunfair Dry Lake Bed

Z107.7 News | April 14, 2014 

It was not your typical off-road experience when representatives from the County Sheriff’s Department, Bureau of Land Management, Marine Corps Base, the National Park Service and County Supervisor James Ramos office buckled up and set out in a convoy toward Sunfair Dry Lake. Z107.7 assignment reporter Mike Lipsitz explains in this first of a two-part series…

The group was met on the almost featureless dry lake bed by representatives from Community ORV Watch, Alliance for Responsible Recreation, and nearby property owners who are frustrated by what they describe as an ongoing turf war with off-roaders who stream into the area, especially on holiday weekends. The claims are corroborated by tire tracks that fan out from legal, designated routes on the lake bed in all directions, traversing distant dunes and foothills and into nearby rural communities, a clear violation. At issue is dust, noise, trespass, and destruction of natural habitat and wildlife linkages.

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  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Who Cares Branson??? …. Another Klasky – left-wing frog licker story….. This time promoted by the Thespian Mafia..

    This has been a OHV Area for decades. There are going to be a few bad apples in any group. Look at Theater 29? I wonder what creeps caused this pencil dick cluster f***?

    This is not a ohv problem this is a lack of recreation area problem….. A lack of play area, and the results of 200,000 acres stolen by a Politicallly inspired Department of Defense to placate the Environmentalist wackos in Washington DC.

    It will get worse as people find that the once vast Johnson Valley OHV area has been closed off and limited to a fraction of its former self.

    Instead of taking 4/5th of Johnson Valley to accommodate a shrinking USMC these same dirt worshiping douche bags should be promoting new and expanded areas of OHV use…..

    Its not going to get any better, no matter how many rangers and Deputies you throw at the problem. Public lands are for the public not a few self appointed land grabbers.

    I’ll bet most of these folks were from the base or equally not too bright out of towners.

    Sounds to me like typical propaganda.

    And by the way Branson, fix that byline…..

  2. After all the uproar and drama by Gary Daigneault concerning this story, and exchange of emails — Z107.7 reporter and journalist Mike Lipsitz lost his byline as author.

    That was the whole point. The byline. My original posting of this story gave Mr. Lipsitz his due credit in a clearly posted byline.

    I’m going post those emails… .

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