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Debunking Councilman Harris & Gary Daignault’s double-speak Project Phoenix Dupery

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Caricature of Gary Daigeault?

Caricature of Gary Daigneault

Updated today @ 5:46 p.m.

I refuse to be a verbal punching bag for [Daigneault's] twisted, infantile ego maniac narcissistic personality.” Ron Brault, President of the 29 Palms Pistol & Rifle Club >>Link.

On April 11, 2014, Up Close this morning Harris called in to promote Project Phoenix (hereinafter “PP”).  Well… they’re at it again. Harris and Daigneault are pushing the wretched qualities of their PP.

The good ol’ boys were really “chumming it up” this morning. Both have a big stake in the game…  Daigneault wants a new city playhouse for the exclusive use of Theatre 29 where he is a playhouse founder, stage director and executive board member; Harris is covering his ass.

The city of 29 may get a few million of slush fund money as a result of a judicial order by way of  a writ filed by the city. However if the DoF and AG appeal the decision it could  take a very long time to litigate.  Don’t be fooled by the few million the city may or may not get when juxtaposed alongside a $30 million bond debt spanning thirty years and impacting three generations of 29 taxpayers. 

Does neophyte Harris foolishly believes he can fool all the people all the time? Should Harris runs for another four years he must cover his ass for spending like a errant toddler in a candy store with mama’s money — putting the city and the public in abject debt and causing the city to swim upstream in red ink for the first time ever. Arguably, Harris (et al.) has done more harm to 29 Palms since its genesis in the early homestead days of Pioneers Bill and Helen Bagley.

Umm… Jim geting high on coke

Don’t be fooled by Harris’ nay vote for the bond debt a few years ago… The vote was 3-2 in favor.  Sure Harris voted against it, but Harris is a fledgling politician. Did he see it coming, that it would pass, copying the style of former Yucca Valley Council Member Frank Luckino (you are for it but vote against knowing…)?

Thereafter, at every turn over the last years of his tragic political stint on the council he fawned over PP as it grew more costly and more costly, from a $1.8 million adventure to a $13.9 million super steel structure eye sore near the crossroads of Adobe and SR 62. Does the city really need another city playhouse? We know it desperately needs infrastructure (see below) for all the people and public safety with a funded fire department.

When Daigneault informed the council that the city theater was no longer viable for his thespians troupe because they have outgrown it (a documented tall tail) and that they need a new performing arts theater — any self-respecting or honest public servant who actually serves all the people would have said “Hit the road Jack.” If Lit’l Gary is not comfortable with a $1.00 a year city-furnished playhouse, it can be put to better use by many other theater people, high school performing arts students, the public presenting plays and other genres.

Daigneault will do whatever it takes to promote his PP – and it is his PP. He is directly responsible for the bond debt. Daigneault blew $18 thousand of public funds for his PP when in fact those public funds were to be used for promotional uses for Theatre 29. That was shown to be an outright misappropriation of public funds. Misappropriation of public funds is fraud. Fraud is a crime. This con artist has yet to account for his actions.

Their little tête-à-tête conversation this morning was quite amusing. It appears to the beginning of a promotional campaign for a useless state-of-the-art performing playhouse — for the exclusive use of Theatre 29. Here we go again folks… There have been no studies to show a theater on this grand scale is viable within 30 miles of nine venues including high school auditoriums. Come June 2014 the city will swim red ink, so the question becomes does the puppet master have his council cronies lined up to board the bozo bus?

Even Congressman Paul Cook seems to be aiming his political clout at this city council when he informs, “Americans should not be asked to trust their government if they are not receiving effective and efficient public services.” — Congressional Newsletter April 4, 2014. The city has a defective fire department and is unable to provide fire protection 24/7 for the city. Does the council really want to blow dwindling public funds on slush fund accounts on artsy things and on their PP while the fire department is facing bankruptcy and the city’s infrastructure is left unabated? 

Twentynine Palms Fire Chief, Chief Thompson: “This is the only fire department in the county that is protecting a city and we receive no portion of the general tax levy. The city of Twentynine Palms receives 26.4 percent of the general tax levy, the largest percentage received by any city in the county. >> Link

Randy Leazer, the water district’s Citizen Adversary Committee said, “ I’d like to see the city do something to offset the cost, it’s a shared responsibility.” >> Link

Isn’t it time to spend money for the all of the community on streets repairs, gutters, completing the forgotten beautification of the downtown area, street signs, street resurfacing, crumbling streets, important infrastructure and most important of all public safety for a fire department, rather than a playhouse for the biggest shyster in town —  “megalomaniac” Daigneault.

Seems Harris’ campaign mantra – “I will serve all the people” – is a messy affair.

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