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City of Twentynine Palms Community Update Newsletter

By   /   April 1, 2014  /   Comments Off

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Updated 4-1-14 @ 10:45 a.m., Op-Ed commentary and opinion by Branson Hunter

¤   April Fools!   April Fools!   April Fools!   ¤

There is no newsletter. Although to be sure, there is a public perception that 29 Palms public officials — namely a couple of staff members and five council members – have behave like a sect or core group of secretive Illuminati officials.

Illuminati: (i)  Core group of persons working in stealth who possess, or claim to possess, superior enlightenment;(ii)  a name given to different religious societies or clandestine sects that claim to have superior enlightenment.

To the disappointment of her faithful supports, even Council Member Cora Heiser (the newest council member) is squarely on board with the City Council Illuminate. Immediately after being sworn in as a public servant, the good councilwoman ceased being public. All during her successful campaign blitz for a seat on the city council she researched and wrote articles keeping her supporters and the public abreast of issues of  public concern. No more. I believe that outside bond attorney, A. Patrick Munoz (whom affectionately Cora  refers to a “Patrick”) is largely responsible for our public servants’ fear the public. And all of them are willing’ rascals in this regard.

Not picking on the honorable council woman because she is the best of the lot and as honest and credible as the day is long. There is much hope for Ms. Heiser after the city 2014 elections with a new makeup on the council. Conversely, the worst of the local Illuminate is stealth Council Member Dan Mintz. God help us if he is reelected.

Minrz is an abomination and an anathema to the City of Twenynine Palms in his capacity as city council person. As a private person he is really an outstanding resident. Be sure, there is no future with this secretive elitist who willing spent until there is no more to spend. And now the city is running out of money because staff tells us the city has more money going out than coming in. Mintz is nether a friend of public safety, nor a friend of the TPFD. After Mintz informally met with two member of the TPWD about a year ago, he absolutely refused to disclose what they discussed. Mintz even hoodwinked the two water department members in the meeting to keep quiet about everything they discussed.

So back to the newsletter. The city does not have a periodic community e-newsletter like some other towns and cities in California. Not long after the Recall movement in Town of Yucca, the town initiated a special periodic e-newsletter in order to improve the public’s trust. Their newsletter is par excellence. They’ve done an outstanding job with their e-newsletter.

Their newsletter is replete with up-to-date information about parks & recreation, public works, code violations of photos before and after, et cetera. The town’s e-newsletter provides much more information than on the town’s homepage. Just a thought… but 29 Palms could consider initiating a similar newsletter. And the City 0f 29 Palms could begin to improve the public’s trust and public interest in their community.

Here is a snipped sample of the Town of Yucca Valley Community Update:



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Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

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