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“Big Solar Bad” Protest Tomorrow!

By   /   March 28, 2014  /   Comments Off

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19973831-protest-silhouette-illustrationBig Solar Bad Protest

Saturday, March 29, 2014 1 p.m.

A planned peaceful protest of big solar developments in front of the new county Office Bldg in Joshua Tree.
Big Solar in the Mojave has been disastrous in the grading of pristine, fragile, desert. Large‐scale developments on BLM land may rapidly accelerate habitat loss and fragmentation, destroy wildlife corridors, isolate desert tortoise and pose health risks from blowing dust, erosion and flooding.
Big Solar uses much more water than developers’ project. The impact on water resources deserves careful study. That’s one of many issues raised in a letter to the BLM from the NPS.
Big Solar will drive up rates while failing to fulfill the promise of clean generation and lower cost.
Infrastructure improvements like substations and transmission lines are paid for by the public.
Power from big solar plants will likely cost double that from conventional sources.
Government mismanagement, tax incentives, loan guarantees,fast-tracking, and power brokering electricity increase
costs. Corporations bypass laws and review processes meant to safeguard community interests. And all the while
they’re guaranteed profits that Californians pay for.
Rooftop Good
County, State and Federal Government should concentrate support on distributed, or rooftop, solar, on residential and commercial properties and requiring no grading, and little to no water or new infrastructure. Federal Loan Guarantees, Tax Grants and Credits, and other incentives should be directed toward investments made in the public interest. Guaranteed Profits should be replaced with Rate Guarantees.

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