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29 Palms City Manager a Class Act; New Information Reveals “Cronies Serving Cronies”

By   /   March 17, 2014  /   1 Comment

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Updated 3-17-14 @ 10:25  p.m.

Joe Guzzetta was kind enough to get back with me on a request for public information concerning repayment for the electronic sign. Mr. Guzzetta clearly wasn’t involved in the financial aspect of the sign between the city and Theatre 29.  The criticism below is directed at rotating Mayor Dan Mintz and Mayor Pro Tem Jay Corbin, not at Mr. Guzzetta. In my opinion the city is fortunate Mr. Guzzetta aboard.

New 29 Palms Theme – “Cronies Serving Cronies”

The way the city council handled giving money out to special local people is abominable, unprofessional, outside the parameters of good accounting practices and grossly negligent. Theatre 29 people got a loan from the city ($3,000) without a promissory note signed or any written instrument executed.

Request for Information:

Loan to be paid back within two years .

No written agreement.

An unnamed third party has guaranteed payment if the theater people default on the loan.

Obviously, no written agreement regarding the guarantor pledge.


Yes, this is a big deal because it undermines the public trust, and advances the theme: Council “Cronies Serving Cronies.” Is this any way for the city council to build trust? How does Councilwoman Cora Heiser feel about this shoddy manner of conducting city business? 

This is what happens when council members’ ego hijack ethics and the public’s trust. Dan Mintz and Jay Corbin were “no shows” at the Sacramento Seminar on “the public’s trust and ethics” when taxpayers paid for the seminar. This is what happens when council members become so hubris they just do what they want, the way they want, when they want.  Link > City Council Meeting: Update on Corbin and Mintz’s Sacramento Junket.

Why are the theater people consistently mollycoddled with preferential treatment and public funds? when the city has  scores of local meaningful nonprofit organizations. The Smoking Gun: Video proves Daigneault misspoke (lied)

Why is legal council not advising these council cronies they need a promissory note? After all, for the million bucks Munoz  earned with nothing to show for it, the council was not advised that a “a wink and a nod“really does not comply with California law and leaves the city open for a taxpayer’s action.

Council Member Jay Corbin has stated he will not seek a second term. Mintz is silent. Vote wisely in 2014. The future of the city and taxpayers’ funds are at issue.


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Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.

1 Comment

  1. 1. Sign=$18,000.

    2. City and Theatre agree to split costs=$9,000 each

    3. Theatre secures $6,000 “donation” from Band of Mission Indians (29Palms Casino)

    4. Band of Mission Indians logo appears front and center on city property

    5. Theatre writes check to City for $6,000, leaving balance due to City @$3,000

    6. Daigneault announces 29Theatre will hold fundraisers to pay balance owing of $3,000 to City. (Due in one year)

    7. Daigneault gives “Kudos” to Randy Councell for making all arrangements. (Councell=29Palms City Staff)


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