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Gary Daignault Z107.7: Credit due and criticism due

By   /   March 14, 2014  /   Comments Off

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During the  Close Up show this morning Gary Daignault (its host) highlighted the local grumbling over concerns about the Theatre 29 and the city’s involvement surrounding paying for the electronic sign.

Daignault’s manner, explanations and his entire attitude was non-confrontation and professional. Rather than criticize those who have proffered concerned, he explained the situation as he understands it.

The theater folks and the TRIBE can work out anything they want. Of course that’s their business. But if and either Mintz or Corbin became officious inter-meddlers and were instrumental in working for the benefit of the theater, rather than the benefit of taxpayers, there is a problem of “selling out” the public and taxpayers.

Anyway, thank you Mr. Daignault for your performance this morning. You handled the matter with finesse.


Referring to local chatter during the show this morning, Daignault said people are too suspicious  of everything.

Darn right we are Gary.  And the irrefutable evidence is that those people in 29 Palms have good cause for being “suspicious.”

And they have good cause to be suspicious regarding Yucca Valley local government. That is all is also well documented. What happened in Vegas failed to stay in Vegas. Town leaders and a terminated town manager ran the town into red ink as well as bungled most everything they have dealt with.

Thousands of articles have been written in Cactus Thorns documenting outrageous things in both local governments. Twentynine Palms, in particularly, have shamelessly plundered public funds on non-priority projects while driving the city into the red.

Never before has the city  had more expenses going out than income coming in. And never before has the city had a 30-year bond debt spanning three generations for $31 Million – while “one rock has not been been overturned”. – Steve Spear, former  eight year city council veteran.

Twentynine Palms Financial Director, Ron Peck, reported to the CC to the council that red ink will flow early this summer, and that the usual one million left over was not there this year.

Financial deficits with spending cuts and fiscal accountability is not something you appear to concerned you. As a broadcaster it should.

As member of the news media, Gary, don’t you have a professional responsibility to hammer away at these shocking revelation? You too should be a critic and suspicious news person. But you are not.

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(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

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